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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Over a million people protesting in the streets of Paris for marriage. In Great Britain, a million leaflets opposing gay marriage are being distributed in swing districts.

Here I am in Paris, giving you a front-row seat to see what happened:

Here at home, a thousand people thronged the steps of Rhode Island's capitol building, led by black and Hispanic pastors:

As the fight for marriage gears up again in Minnesota, Rhode Island, Illinois, Washington D.C., and elsewhere, I will go to the battle with French words ringing in my ears.

Frigide Barjot, the organizer of the Paris rally for marriage, gave the speech of a lifetime.

"You, President of the Republic," Barjot proclaimed, "cannot remain unmoved before the growing uneasiness of the French people who now are finding out what is really behind the so-called "marriage for all."

She went on:

The 'marriage for all' is a juridical denial of the most elementary reality of humanity, constituted as it is "man and woman", the only union naturally capable of siring new life.

You, President of the Republic — Will you be the one to float a travesty — that a human being can be born of two men or of two women? "Marriage for all" inscribes fundamental discrimination into our law among children, an inequality between children who will be born of a mother and a father, and children who will be born of two fathers, and children who will be born of two mothers.

You, President of the Republic — Will you be the one to abolish the basic equality of birth among children?

She makes a magnificent point we pro-marriage fighters in the United States have not paid enough attention to: marriage as equality between men and women.

Marriage embodies the equal dignity of men and women in the creation and care of the next generation. Marriage expresses children's equal right to the love and care of both their mother and father.

We cannot, and will not, surrender to the winds of fashion something so true, so good, and so beautiful. We will continue to stand united in this fight, both here and abroad — because unity is what marriage is all about.

This is the point that NOM's Chairman of the Board, Prof. John Eastman, made in a recent press interview regarding the National Cathedral's sad decision to allow same-sex marriages to be performed in its hallowed halls. Same-sex marriage is not a value that unites us, as its advocates claim: instead, it is deeply divisive, as the Episcopal Church is finding out all too painfully right now:

And so we, the defenders of marriage, continue to stand in unity, as Americans and with all marriage supporters worldwide!

Pray for the people of France and Great Britain who are fighting back against the elites.

And pray for all of us standing on the front lines for marriage.

The fight continues!

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