Video: Frigide Barjot's Rousing Pro-Marriage Speech in France!


Frigide Barjot, a French humorist, columnist and socialite, is a somewhat unlikely hero for marriage but a hero she has become!

At the rally for marriage last Sunday, she led a spirited public recitation of diverse voices calling on President Hollande to acknowledge their points and understand the damage his proposal to redefine marriage will cause to French children and culture should it be passed:

Here are a couple excerpts from a translation:

"...The marriage for all is a juridical denial of the most elementary reality of humanity, constituted as it is "man and woman", the only union naturally capable of siring new life.

You, President of the Republic -- Will you be the one to float a travesty--that a human being can be born of two men or of two women? "Marriage for all" inscribes fundamental discrimination into our law among children, an inequality between children who will be born of a mother and a father, and children who will be born of two fathers, and children who will be born of two mothers.

...You, President of the Republic, dialogue, working together, participatory democracy, you cannot refuse any longer the growing demand for debate, free of homophobia, which has been expressed in all the countries of the world, by means of these citizen gatherings. You have before you, on the Champ de Mars, a wide representation of the French people.

... The people ask you, Mr. President of the Republic, to SUSPEND without further delay this bill for marriage and adoption for all. It rips apart our country. The people ask you today to convoke a General Estate of the Family, Marriage, Lineage, and the Rights of the Child. In doing so we gesture toward reconciliation and coming together as a nation. We bring this to you peacefully and obediently!"