National Organization for Marriage – Rhode Island Statement on House Vote to Redefine Marriage


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"Last night's vote in the House of Representatives was not a surprise. The real battle lies before us in the Senate." — Chris Plante, Regional Director for the National Organization for Marriage

Providence, RI — Christopher Plante, Regional Director of the National Organization for Marriage released the following statement in response to Rhode Island's House of Representative's vote to redefine marriage:

"While last night's House of Representatives vote was expected, it does not mitigate what actually happened. For the first time, elected legislators in Rhode Island voted to redefine marriage and undermine the very fabric of our state's society. By voting to redefine marriage, the Representatives who supported this legislation voted for a future in which the words husband and wife are meaningless, where children are intentionally deprived of either their mother or father, where people of faith are continually under threat of attack, and where parents may lose the right to direct the education of their children.

"We will continue to oppose the redefinition of marriage in Rhode Island and are confident that we will defeat this bill in the Senate. The grassroots supporters of marriage that organized over 1,000 people in the State House Rotunda a week ago will continue to grow and make their voices heard in the Senate."

As a result of the efforts of the National Organization for Marriage – Rhode Island, along with its allies across the state, it has been reported that many Representatives and Senators have received hundreds of calls against this legislation, with many Assembly members claiming to have received calls 10-1 against the redefinition of marriage.


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