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What Can One Person Do?

One of the questions NOM always gets is, “What can one person do to make a difference?”  Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert got the same question at last weekend’s Values Voter Summit hosted by the Family Research Council.  Watch and listen to his simple 90-second response:

Breaking News - Values Voter Summit Schedule Change

For those of you looking for Brian Brown’s panel discussion on the future of marriage at the Values Voter Summit, we’ve just learned that the panel has been moved to the evening session at 7:30 PM eastern. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.  Please look for him then.

Suing to Prove Your Innocence

Turning the tables on the national narrative, Mennonite art gallery owners Betty and Richard Odgaard have filed suit against the Iowa Civil Rights Commission asking the Commission to rule that their refusal to participate in a religious ceremony by allowing their gallery to be used for a same-sex wedding ceremony is not a violation of […]

Standing for Marriage on the College Campus

To hear mainstream media tell it, every 20-something in the United States agrees with same-sex ‘marriage.’  Evidently Christine Guttery did not get the memo.  The 20-year old English major from Louisiana State University recently penned a post for the school’s paper thoughtfully and winsomely defending the traditional definition of marriage.  She writes: I am against […]

Thou Shall Compromise Thy Faith

Despite the fact that the Washington State Constitution reads: SECTION 11 RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. Absolute freedom of conscience in all matters of religious sentiment, belief and worship, shall be guaranteed to every individual, and no one shall be molested or disturbed in person or property on account of religion; That state continues to be at the […]

All to Play for in the Garden State

Things are moving fast in New Jersey – the legislature continues to move towards attempting to override Governor Christie’s veto of same-sex ‘marriage,’ while the Courts recently ruled – in a very faulty and activist ruling – that New Jersey must start allowing same-sex ‘marriages’ to begin by October 21st. This week Governor Christie reiterated […]

Church of Scotland May Be Forced to Halt All Weddings if SSM is Legalized

I remember sitting with a co-worker in Washington State this time last year marveling, in a not so good way, that our nation is even having a debate about the nature of marriage. Marriage – the institution that crosses all cultural and historical boundaries – that has literally stood the ultimate test of time – […]

National Organization for Marriage - Rhode Island Condemns the Redefinition of Marriage in the Ocean State

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 3, 2013 Contact: Christopher Plante (401-228-7602) “Besides advocating a flawed marriage policy, the so-called “marriage equality act” contains a shocking lack of religious liberty protections, potentially ghettoizing people of faith unless they compromise and remain silent in the public square.” —Christopher Plante, Regional Director for NOM-RI— Providence, RI — The National […]

National Organization for Marriage — Rhode Island Urges Rhode Island House to Reject Same-Sex Marriage Legislation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 1, 2013 Contact: Christopher Plante (401-228-7602) “Besides advocating a flawed policy, HB 5015 and SB 38 contain a shocking lack of religious liberty protections, potentially ghettoizing people of faith unless they compromise and remain silent in the public square.” — Christopher Plante, Regional Director for the National Organization for Marriage Providence, […]

URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Tell Senator Raptakis to Let the People Vote on Marriage!

Dear Marriage Supporter, Your help is urgently needed today! You and I know that the voters of the Ocean State overwhelmingly support marriage as the sacred and time-honored institution that unites men and women together and provides the best environment for the upbringing of children. We also know that over three-quarters of Rhode Island voters […]

The Path to Victory

Dear Marriage Champion, Last week, the House of Representatives took the unprecedented step of voting to redefine marriage. The homosexual activists behind House Bill 5015 do not believe that children are entitled to both a mother and a father. But we know that marriage is about more than the wants and desires of adults; the […]

National Organization for Marriage – Rhode Island Statement on House Vote to Redefine Marriage

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 25, 2013 CONTACT: Christopher Plante (401-228-7602) “Last night’s vote in the House of Representatives was not a surprise. The real battle lies before us in the Senate.” — Chris Plante, Regional Director for the National Organization for Marriage Providence, RI — Christopher Plante, Regional Director of the National Organization for Marriage […]

Action Needed: Rhode Island House Votes On Marriage TOMORROW!

Dear Marriage Supporter, We need your help right away! Yesterday, the Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee voted to send to the floor of the House of Representatives a bill redefining marriage. With the Supreme Court hearing cases on same-sex marriage in just a few short weeks, the eyes of the nation will be on the […]

Now is the Time – It Starts With You

Dear Rhode Island Declaration Supporter, As you probably have heard and read, same-sex marriage activists are once again attempting to redefine marriage for all Rhode Islanders this year, starting with the introduction of Representative Art Handy’s same-sex marriage bill yesterday afternoon. Despite what you have read and heard, the redefinition of marriage is not inevitable […]