DON'T LET UP! Keep up the Phone Calls to Protect Marriage!


National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Three weeks ago, your phone calls and emails shook the Illinois political world, blocking what many considered an "inevitable" bill to pass same-sex marriage in the lame duck session.

Gay marriage supporters had counted on the lame duck session to persuade outgoing lawmakers to take a "tough vote" for same-sex marriage. But they ran into Illinois voters along the way.

It was a tremendous victory, but our work is far from done...

When the newly elected legislature took office on January 10th, Democrats increased their majorities in both houses, and immediately introduced a new same-sex marriage bill. Senate President John Cullerton has told the press that he expects to bring the bill to a vote early in the session, perhaps as early as the next couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, the pressure from powerful elites keeps mounting, as Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, to GOP Chairman Pat Brady, and even President Obama himself continue pressing lawmakers to approve the measure that would redefine marriage and jeopardize the rights of religious believers across the state.

We have to keep the pressure up!

I need you to do three things immediately:

  1. Contact your state senator and representative today! Use this link to send an email to your elected officials, or better still, click here to look up their phone numbers and make a personal phone call to let your senator and representative know: Don't redefine our only civil institution that connects children with parents — marriage matters!

    Please take action right now. It only takes a minute to send your lawmakers a message, and it is vitally important that they hear your voice today.

  2. Tell the Illinois Republican Party it's time for a new chairman! Republicans throughout the state are outraged that party chairman Pat Brady would openly reject the Republican Party platform, and the values of tens of thousands of Illinois Republicans, on an issue as important as marriage. Use this link to send a message to the state GOP, urging Pat Brady to resign as the leader of Illinois Republicans.

  3. Finally, forward this email to friends and family throughout the state, or use the buttons below to share on Facebook and Twitter. It's going to take thousands of Illinoisans working together to protect marriage in Illinois.Help spread the word today!

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I know I can count on you to help. Thank you!

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