100 Pastors Vow to Fight SSM in Illinois


The Illinois Review:

Over 100 Chicago area pastors vowed to fight back against the effort to legalize same sex marriages Thursday morning at an informational forum sponsored by Illinois Family Institute at the Tinley Park Convention Center in the southwest suburbs.

IFI's Executive Director David Smith and Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Joseph LaRue told the pastors representing black, Latino and mixed congregations that the legislation is more expansive than simply allowing two persons of the same sex to legally marry. Rep. Greg Harris' new proposal would also require any church that opens its doors to outside organizations to rent to same sex couples, as well.

"If this bill passes, they have graciously decided to give you what the First Amendment says, and what the courts have said, that you don't have to marry anybody you don't want to, isn't that nice of them?" LaRue said. "But here's what does happen to you - If you let outside groups use your church facility, if you rent your church facilities to the Boy Scouts or Al Anon or whatever it may be... if you open your church building to outsiders, then you have to open it up to everybody, and it doesn't matter what you believe about it.  That's what the law says."

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