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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Gay marriage activists have introduced a new civil unions bill in Colorado, one that includes no protections for faith-based adoption agencies whatsoever!

Moments ago, the bill passed the Senate Judiciary Committee on a party line vote, fast-tracking the measure for consideration by the full Senate.

"If this law passes, there is going to be a great persecution of the faithful," said Msgr. Thomas Fryar of the Catholic Archdiocese of Denver. "We cannot allow that."

We completely agree, and so do the people of Colorado, who voted in 2006 to reject same-sex domestic partnerships by six points and voted to affirm marriage between one man and one woman by a margin of 55% to 44%!

Now gay marriage activists are attempting to undermine the clear will of Colorado voters and threaten religious freedom. This civil unions bill is nearly identical to the sort of bill that courts in California and Connecticut used to demonstrate that the state no longer had any justification for marriage — concluding that civil unions were an unconstitutional and discriminatory "separate but equal" status which these activist judges used as an excuse to redefine marriage!

Your legislators need to hear from you right away — click here to oppose S.B. 11!

This bill is a huge threat to religious freedom and pro-marriage individuals like you.

If anyone should have a say on marriage, it should be the people of Colorado who have already so clearly spoken out on this issue when given the chance to vote on it — marriage should not be decided by activist judges or legislators that can be bribed and bullied by powerful interest groups funded by gay millionaires and billionaires.

Marriage belongs to the people because when marriage is redefined it affects everyone.

Just last summer a Christian bakery owner in Lakewood, CO was subjected to thousands of emails and threats from gay marriage activists after they refused to provide a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. The owner said at the time: "We would close down that bakery before we closed our beliefs".

And last week over 200 marriage supporters like you rallied at the state capital against this civil unions bill pointing out that this new legislation includes no legal protections for child placement agencies like Catholic Charities and other groups that only place children with married couples, i.e., with a mom AND dad, where kids do best!

Your legislators need to hear from you right away so they know you oppose S.B. 11!

I need you to do two things immediately:

  1. Contact your state senator and representative today! Use this link to send an email to your elected officials, or better still, click here to look up their phone numbers and make a personal phone call to let your senator and representative know: Oppose S.B. 11!Please take action right now. It only takes a minute to send your lawmakers a message, and it is vitally important that they hear your voice today.
  2. Forward this email to friends and family throughout the state, or use the buttons below to share on Facebook and Twitter. It's going to take thousands of Coloradans working together to protect marriage and freedom in Colorado. Help spread the word today!

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I know I can count on your help. Thank you!

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