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Dear Marriage Supporter,

They expected you and me to fold after the election — you know that, right?

But let me promise you something: when the going gets tough, NOM gets going!

NOM is on the march for marriage!

The Supreme Court is holding oral arguments on March 26-27. The future of marriage hangs in the balance.

With DOMA, the Supreme Court will decide whether or not Congress has the power to define marriage for the federal government, or whether a minority of states can force all U.S. taxpayers to treat gay unions as marriages.

With the Prop 8 case, the judges are being asked to decide whether the people of this great nation have the right to define marriage as one man and one woman — or whether our right to vote is going to be stripped away, the guarantees of democracy made meaningless, gay marriage inserted into our Constitution and a distorted view of marriage imposed on this great nation.

Now is the time to step up to fight for marriage!

Earlier this week, we announced a rally we're planning in our nation's capital on March 26th, 2013:

And already you've responded!

On the March for Marriage page on Facebook, pro-marriage supporters around the country are sharing their plans to attend.

One person said: "Marriage March is on a TUESDAY. How PRO-marriage are you? Are you willing to rearrange your schedule to attend this event? Would you choose to drive or fly? Would you spend the night or pop in, pop out? I attended Glenn Beck's 'Restore Honor' Rally a few years ago, my first time to ever visit our nation's capital. It was an experience I'll never forget. Married 36 years in July, perhaps we'll take an early anniversary trip to DC!"

A second said: "Lord willing count [us] in. We can definitely do that."

A third: "Looking at the calendar here and going to re-arrange to BE THERE!!"

A fourth: "This is Holy Week, still Lent. I don't like to travel, but I'm willing to do this as part of my Lenten Sacrifice, if I can find others to go with me. I'll start looking right away."

A fifth: "COUNT ME IN!"

Count me in, too!

MarriageADA Defending Marriage in Law & Society

NOM's Marriage Anti-Defamation League filed a brief asking the Supreme Court to uphold the rights of you and me to work to defend what we hold dear in the democratic arena our forefathers gave us. I'll send along that brief for you to read as soon as it's posted on the SCOTUS's website.

Also this week, MADA released a video from Canada, explaining why we fight so hard and refuse to give up: our own rights are at stake, as this Canadian father, Dr. Steve Tourloukis, found out.

The biggest of the big lies in the marriage debate is that this will not affect you, your children, or your grandchildren! MADA will continue to expose that lie — with your help! Please share this important video with your family and friends.

Marriage Fights Continue Around The Nation

NOM is on the march, including deep in the bluest of blue states, to be your voice for our shared values.

We have tough fights going on right now, and once again we are not backing down, we are not giving up!

In Rhode Island, the battle shifts to the Senate, where the fate of marriage sits on a knife's edge. Even the Providence Journal ran the headline, "Senate Appears Divided on Same-Sex Marriage Bill." Eleven senators have co-signed a bill to redefine marriage, while eleven others have signed a resolution to send the question to the people.

Click here to fight back in Rhode Island.

In Illinois, just three weeks ago, your phone calls and emails shook the political world, blocking what many considered an "inevitable" bill from passing same-sex marriage in the lame duck session.

It was a tremendous victory, but our work is far from over...

When the newly elected legislature took office on January 10th, Democrats increased their majorities in both houses, and immediately introduced a new same-sex marriage bill.

Click here to fight back in Illinois!

In Indiana, gay marriage lobbyists and their allies in the media are once again ramping up their campaigns of disinformation by attempting to persuade House and Senate leadership to postpone a vote for a state marriage amendment.

The amendment stands a very good chance of passing if brought to a vote, but legislators like Senate President Pro Tem David Long (R-Fort Wayne) aren't being clear about whether they will bring the issue up for a vote.

Click here to let your Indiana legislators know: you want the right to vote for marriage!

And in Wyoming, you already helped win an amazing victory for marriage!

THANK YOU to our supporters in Wyoming who took action last week and thereby helped defeat a bill to redefine marriage by a close 5-4 vote in committee.

The media has been attempting to divert attention away from this victory for marriage supporters and instead focus on a domestic partnership bill in the Wyoming House.

But guess what? This morning we learned they failed. The House voted 35-24 against the domestic partnership bill.

NOM is on the march for marriage!

Finally, a France update: As you know, the French people turned out in a massive rally of protest just two weeks ago. The police's early estimates were 340,000 — but the photos clearly show the actual turnout was closer to a million.

Meanwhile the pro-gay marriage forces in France held their own rally on Sunday. The police said just 125,000 turned out. Just one-third the size, even by the police's account, of the huge pro-marriage rallies, as Agence France Presse honestly reported (and American media just ignored):

"Police estimated that about 125,000 people had turned out for Sunday's rally, while organisers put the figure at 400,000. The turnout was higher than at previous marches but still lower than the number of people who protested against same-sex marriage on January 13."

Something is stirring in the hearts of brave men and women all over the world.

Thank you for being a part of a great movement for the rights of children, for common sense, and for the courage to stand against the winds of fashion.

I'm so proud to know you and to stand with you for God's truth about marriage.

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