Video: NOM's Peters: Obama Has No Credibility on Marriage


NOM's Thomas Peters appeared on the Christian Broadcasting Network to discuss President Obama's recent decision to get involved in the Proposition 8 case -- and also got a chance to spread the word about the March for Marriage!

When asked about the impact of Obama's choice to weigh in, he responded:

"I think if it has any impact it will actually have a negative one in terms of getting the result that the President wants. I think he has politicized the issue and frankly he has no credibility on it either because, as that montage you just showed points out, he's flipped his position several times now. And at this stage, the question at the Supreme Court is whether we're going to respect the rights of the seven million Californian voters who voted to protect marriage, or if the Supreme Court is going to by fiat erase their democratic vote."

Watch the video of the segment here: