URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Tell Senator Raptakis to Let the People Vote on Marriage!


National Organization for Marriage RI

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Your help is urgently needed today!

You and I know that the voters of the Ocean State overwhelmingly support marriage as the sacred and time-honored institution that unites men and women together and provides the best environment for the upbringing of children.

We also know that over three-quarters of Rhode Island voters — 78 percent! — believe that this matter should be put in the hands of citizens and not left to legislators and judges to decide.

But Senator Leonidas Raptakis disagrees with the voters on this point. After initially cosponsoring a bill that would have allowed voters to decide this issue, yesterday he asked that his name be removed, and has indicated that he might instead support a same-sex marriage bill currently working its way through the committee process.

Click here to contact Senator Raptakis right away and tell him to REJECT Senate Bill 38 in the Senate Judiciary Committee and to stand firm for marriage. Instead, the Senator should reaffirm his SUPPORT for Senate Bill 708, which would give Rhode Island voters the final say in this important matter.

Senator Raptakis could be the decisive swing vote in the Judiciary Committee that will determined whether marriage redefinition is put before the full legislature. He's been hearing a lot from same-sex marriage activists on this issue, so now it is time that pro-marriage men and women like you and I make our voices heard!

Don't give way to the noisy but powerful lobby trying to foist marriage redefinition on our state without the consent of the voting public who firmly believe that the ballot box is where this issue should be decided.

Let Senator Raptakis know that his constituency in Rhode Island wants him to AFFIRM Senate Bill 708 and the rights of the voters of Rhode Island to be heard on the issue of marriage, and to REJECT Senate Bill 38 which would take the matter out of our hands and give it over to powerful special interests groups instead.

The Senator needs to hear from you today! Please don't delay to send him this important message right now.

And if you have friends and family in Rhode Island, forward this email to them as soon as you can, and share it on Facebook and Twitter, urging all pro-marriage Rhode Islanders to make their voice heard today while we still have the chance!

With your help, we'll make sure Senator Raptakis knows truly where the hearts and minds of Rhode Islanders rest on the important issue of marriage, the most basic unit of our civilization. We have a limited window of time to ensure that our voices will be heard on this matter, and if we miss it we risk being silenced on the issue forever!

Thank you for your immediate action at this critical time.

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