NOM's Peters: GOP Not Caving on Defense of Marriage


NOM's Thomas Peters was interviewed by the National Catholic Register about the recent media-generated meme that the GOP is abandoning marriage:

Thomas Peters, a spokesman for the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), the largest U.S. advocacy group defending traditional marriage, suggested that media reports have overstated the Republican Party’s fracturing on marriage.

Peters, who is Catholic, noted that five of the six Republican presidential candidates in 2012 signed NOM’s pro-marriage pledge, and the one who did not — Huntsman — ended his run early, after finishing third in the New Hampshire Primary.

“It’s about how many people buy into the media narrative that they’re trying to create,” said Peters, who attended last week’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington.

...“When a Republican decides to come out in favor of gay marriage, when they are staring at the lights of the media cameras, their grassroots supporters are quietly going out the back door,” said Peters, who argued that it remains difficult for Republicans who endorse same-sex “marriage” to keep their seats.Peters added that Portman could lose his seat and that his reversal on same-sex “marriage” had weakened any presidential aspirations he may have had.

Asked Peters, “If the media is so interested in Republicans who disagree with their party’s platform on marriage, then why don’t they tell the stories of conservative Democrats who disagree with their party’s platform on marriage and abortion?”