3 Days To Change History!


National Organization for Marriage

National Organization for Marriage

National Organization for Marriage

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Dear Marriage Supporter,

There are only three days left until NOM, our 40+ coalition partners and thousands of marchers descend on the capitol!

And that means there are only three days left for us to realize the entirety of the $500,000 matching gift pledged by a heroic defender of marriage.

As one of NOM's supporters, you have taken action whenever marriage has been threatened and been a part of our regular victories over the "impossible" and "inevitable" same-sex marriage movement. With your help, we have won tremendous victories for marriage in recent years in California, North Carolina, and many other states.

That's why Thursday, USA Today called NOM the "tip of the spear" of the "diverse coalition" of groups dedicated to preserving marriage as the union of one man and one woman. That's why yesterday's New York Times profiled us as fighting with "zeal and strategy."

But now I need to ask you to invest financially in this fight. If everyone reading this email were to give $10, we would easily meet our goal.

Battles are heating up in deep blue states like Illinois, Minnesota and Rhode Island right as the Supreme Court is preparing to hear two landmark cases.

Will you help us by making an immediate donation to help NOM ramp up our efforts to defend marriage in the days leading up to the pending, historic Supreme Court cases next week?

And if you donate right away, your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar, DOUBLING the impact and effectiveness of your contribution.

We are only $90,000 short of our goal as of this morning. We have three days to raise that amount and realize the full $500,000 matching gift pledge.

Will you stand with us once again by making a donation right away?

More than ever, marriage needs dedicated champions in the days to come... champions who will stand courageously and faithfully in its defense. Please join me and prove that you are a champion for marriage.

Contributions or gifts to the National Organization for Marriage, a 501(c)(4) organization, are not tax-deductible. The National Organization for Marriage does not accept contributions from business corporations, labor unions, foreign nationals, or federal contractors; however, it may accept contributions from federally registered political action committees. Donations may be used for political purposes such as supporting or opposing candidates. No funds will be earmarked or reserved for any political purpose.

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