NEW Marriage ADA Video: A Warning for Parents and Educators!


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Third grade classrooms having pretend same-sex weddings… textbooks featuring pictures of cross-dressing carpenters… children being taught that there are "six genders."

"If same-sex marriage is passed in your state, your children—your grandchildren—will be exposed to the same kind of instruction."

That's what educator and marriage supporter Phil Lees says in our latest Marriage ADA interview.

He worked for years in the public education system in Ontario, Canada, and saw first-hand—only one year after same-sex marriage was legalized in 2005—18 school boards in Ontario instituting school curricula that affirmed and promoted LGBT "values," including same-sex marriage.

Click here to watch Phil's incredible first-hand report of what he witnessed as a public school educator in Canada.

Phil's story needs to be spread far and wide. In every place where NOM has fought the legalization of same-sex marriage here in the United States, our opponents have falsely promised that it will not affect the innocence of children.

But in every place marriage has been redefined, we have seen a powerful movement begin to use the schools to teach children about same-sex unions, intentionally confusing them about the unique and complimentary role of mothers and fathers.

Supporter, as this educator points out, one of the problems is that people of faith sometimes withdraw from the system and cede control to activists bent on promoting values that we know to be harmful to children and to society.

We cannot let this happen to our kids in America!

Together, we can create a better future for our kids.

You and I know that when people of faith stand up and fight to protect marriage, becoming more actively involved in the education of our children, we can fight back against the threats posed by those who would promote same-sex marriage and other harmful "values" in our schools.

Please watch this new video right away and then forward this email to family and friends to help us reach as many people as possible with this urgent and critically important message.

PS: If you haven't done so yet, please take a moment to join the thousands of Americans who have signed the Marriage Petition to the Justices of the Supreme Court: And share it with your friends!

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