New Poll Shows Continued Strong Support for Marriage


A new poll conducted by Harper Polling for Conservative Intel. The poll differentiated between states where same-sex marriage is not yet recognized, and those where marriage has been redefined... and the results are telling:

Define Marriage? 60% Yes.

We asked the entire sample of 2,375 likely voters, “Do you support or oppose a measure defining marriage as between one man and one woman?” The result was 60 percent in favor. Sixty-five percent of people in states that don’t recognize same-sex marriage say they would support such a measure. In states where same-sex marriage is legal, the result was tied, 45 percent in favor to 45 percent against.

Although this seems to betray an incoherent view on the topic by many respondents, it also suggests that the “one man, one woman” formulation frequently used in political talk (including, at one point, by President Obama) was chosen with good reason — it is something people find it easy to agree with.

The complete poll results can be seen here.