We're Told These Things Will Never Happen: But They Already Do!


Hawaii's First Circuit Court has ruled in favor of a lesbian couple against the owner of the Aloha Bed & Breakfast, alleging that the religious owner "discriminated" against the couple for not renting them a room.

The BlazeĀ reports the Bed & Breakfast owner's attorney, Jim Hochberg, saying that "[t]he public needs to be aware of this decision because it has far-reaching consequences," and because it ignores the owner's First Amendment rights.

Of course, while lawsuits such as this are becoming ever more frequent, yet still same-sex marriage activists claim redefining marriage will have no impact on anyone's religious freedom or basic rights.

But they know as well as we do that cases such as this one are only more frequent and harder to fight againstĀ where marriage is redefined.