Tell the Legislature to Defend Marriage in Minnesota!


National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

As you know, advocates of same-sex marriage often make false promises to the public in order to achieve a political victory. (The latest is the admission by a prominent gay marriage advocate, Judith Stacey, that the entire movement is a lie.)

This is what they did in Minnesota, telling voters during the recent campaign on the Minnesota Marriage Amendment that the amendment wasn't needed because state law already defined marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Once they achieved a narrow political victory on the proposed Marriage Amendment, they immediately launched a legislative effort to redefine marriage.

We need your urgent help to defeat this effort.

Right now marriage is hanging by a thread in Minnesota. Legislative committees are bringing forward bills to redefine marriage (HF 1054/SF 952) and a fierce lobbying effort is underway at the state Capitol in St. Paul.

Click here to send a strong and clear message to your leaders in St. Paul that marriage is not of the State's making, and not the State's to un-make!

Back in October of last year, Kathleen Blatz—a former Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court—penned an editorial in the Pioneer Press arguing against the Minnesota marriage amendment on the grounds that, "a no vote preserves the status-quo."

Well, if voting "no" on the amendment was about preserving the status quo—defining marriage as one man and one woman—then it is profoundly wrong for the Legislature to pass legislation now to redefine marriage in Minnesota.

Click here to send an urgent message to St. Paul today to preserve the status quo and leave marriage in Minnesota as it is currently defined in law, as the union of one man and one woman.

Please make it clear to legislators that voters in Minnesota did not vote FOR same-sex marriage. They narrowly voted against putting the definition of marriage in the state constitution, in large part because they wanted to leave the status quo in place. We cannot let same-sex marriage advocates get away with hijacking the vote of Minnesotans to redefine our core institution of society.

Stand with me today for the rights of the voters of Minnesota, the rights of children to benefit from the love of both a mom and a dad, and the rights of future generations to experience the same institution of marriage that has fostered society's well-being for countless ages!

Stand for marriage, Minnesota!

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