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National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Last week, the Rhode Island state legislature voted to redefine marriage. And the Delaware legislature has a similar vote pending in their state Senate.

This isn't good news...and the media loves to trumpet it far and wide.

But I'm writing to you today, not to discourage, but to remind you that we are standing on the verge of a tremendous victory for marriage in America! And how we respond in this moment may shape marriage for decades to come.

In the next eight weeks — and perhaps even sooner — the Supreme Court will issue its rulings in the Prop 8 and DOMA cases... and we are poised to win our greatest victory for marriage ever!

Click here to make an immediate donation to NOM to help us give marriage the defense it both needs and deserves at this critical juncture!

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Same-sex marriage activists brought these cases to the Supreme Court for a single purpose: to redefine marriage for the entire country!

Typically, the Supreme Court doesn't quickly revisit fundamental legal issues once they have ruled on them. That is why NOM is doing everything we can to demonstrate—right now, while the Supreme Court is deliberating on these cases—that the American people stand for marriage!

We organized a coalition of over 40 groups and led over ten thousand supporters in a March for Marriage to the Supreme Court. We have issued a Citizen's Marriage Petition to the Supreme Court and are actively engaged in fighting off efforts to redefine marriage in Delaware, Illinois and Minnesota. Already this year, we have helped to successfully derail efforts to redefine marriage in Wyoming and Hawaii.

The Prop 8 legal defense team has done a tremendous job arguing the case, and I am optimistic that the fight to defend marriage will receive an incredible boost when the Supreme Court rules in just a few short weeks.

The truth is that there is nothing inevitable about the future of marriage. It's an issue that is very much up for grabs, and its future will depend on how hard people work to win the battle.

Please click here right away to make your most generous donation—which will be instantly matched dollar-for-dollar—to support all the critical work that the National Organization for Marriage is undertaking to protect marriage and the faith communities that sustain it.

A victory before the Supreme Court will allow us to engage this issue over the long term by working with churches, young people, ethnic groups and others to show the importance of preserving marriage for society, for future generations and, especially, for children.

Are you prepared for the hard work that lies ahead?

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