The Tide Has Turned! Victory in Illinois!


National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

The myth of gay marriage inevitability died last night in Illinois!

Even in this deep blue state...

... where liberals hold a super-majority in both chambers of the state legislature ...

... with the personal lobbying of President Barack Obama ...

... with the pork-barrel bribery of Governor Pat Quinn ...

... and with the bare-knuckled arm-twisting of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel ...

... gay marriage was defeated! In fact, it was left on the cutting-room floor, failing to even come up for a floor vote for lack of support.

So much for inevitability!

A new coalition of African American pastors, stalwart Catholics and evangelicals, and other people of faith, along with lawyers, activists and child advocates joined with countless thousands of other individuals and groups, and together we achieved the impossible, defeating the deep-pockets of gay marriage activists and their sycophantic media boosters.

Because of your efforts, the last message the Supreme Court will receive before it hands down critical decisions in the fight to protect marriage is that America believes in preserving marriage! Even in this deep-blue state, home to what Newsweek magazine dubbed as the "first gay president," the people have stood up for the truth of marriage, and let their lawmakers know in no-uncertain terms that they want marriage to remain as the union of one man and one woman.

Make no mistake about it, this was the most hotly-contested legislative battle in the nation. NOM put everything we had into this fight. So did plenty of others in our remarkable coalition. Together, we won a stunning victory!

Please celebrate this excellent news by making a generous gift to NOM right away. These added funds will help us take maximum advantage of this victory. Can you donate $35, $50, $100, $500 or even $1,000 today? Let's show our opponents how much fight we have in us!

Supporter, we've heard the whispering among some of our allies, dispirited after some tough losses last November, and legislative defeats earlier in the year. It's only natural to get depressed and feel that we're fighting against long odds. But what Illinois teaches us is that you will never be disappointed in standing up for the truth!

In the end, truth will always win. The idea that two men, or two women, can marry each other is a lie, because marriage is intrinsically the union of a man and a woman. And it is intrinsically about how that unique relationship of marriage benefits children.

What Illinois teaches us — powerfully and in no uncertain terms — is that supporting marriage is a winning cause. It teaches us to never give up, and to go on offense, fighting to preserve what God created and what government merely recognizes.

Today NOM is announcing the formation of a "Win More States" fund. Contributions to this fund will be devoted to fighting the good fight for the truth of marriage in key battleground states. We will use this fund to supplement the grassroots activism and public education we already conduct to make sure that we give everything we have to preserving marriage whenever it is under attack. There are many states in play that could use our help right now — Ohio, Oregon, New Jersey, Nevada, Indiana, etc. — and the Win More States Fund will be the vehicle to allow us to devote even more resources to the cause.

Please capitalize on this new momentum by making a generous gift to the Win More States Fund today. Your outpouring of support to the tune of $35, $75, $150, $750, $1,500 or more will cement this new energy in the pro-marriage movement!

Already emails and messages are pouring in — people are excited that we have won an incredible victory for marriage in this deep blue state. America is the land of underdogs and comeback stories — let's repeat that for marriage today!

Please show that you are never giving up on marriage by donating to the cause whatever you can. Everyone can be part of shaping a future that honors the unique contributions of moms and dads, everyone can stand up for the rights of children. Please support our efforts to ensure our marriage laws reflect the reality of marriage and give children what they deserve — a mother and father, united in marital love!

Thank you for standing up for marriage when the odds seemed stacked against us. God bless all of us engaged in this most important fight of our lives.

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