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The Tide Has Turned! Victory in Illinois!

National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

The myth of gay marriage inevitability died last night in Illinois!

Even in this deep blue state...

... where liberals hold a super-majority in both chambers of the state legislature ...

... with the personal lobbying of President Barack Obama ...

... with the pork-barrel bribery of Governor Pat Quinn ...

... and with the bare-knuckled arm-twisting of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel ...

... gay marriage was defeated! In fact, it was left on the cutting-room floor, failing to even come up for a floor vote for lack of support.

So much for inevitability!

A new coalition of African American pastors, stalwart Catholics and evangelicals, and other people of faith, along with lawyers, activists and child advocates joined with countless thousands of other individuals and groups, and together we achieved the impossible, defeating the deep-pockets of gay marriage activists and their sycophantic media boosters.

Because of your efforts, the last message the Supreme Court will receive before it hands down critical decisions in the fight to protect marriage is that America believes in preserving marriage! Even in this deep-blue state, home to what Newsweek magazine dubbed as the "first gay president," the people have stood up for the truth of marriage, and let their lawmakers know in no-uncertain terms that they want marriage to remain as the union of one man and one woman.

Make no mistake about it, this was the most hotly-contested legislative battle in the nation. NOM put everything we had into this fight. So did plenty of others in our remarkable coalition. Together, we won a stunning victory!

Please celebrate this excellent news by making a generous gift to NOM right away. These added funds will help us take maximum advantage of this victory. Can you donate $35, $50, $100, $500 or even $1,000 today? Let's show our opponents how much fight we have in us!

Supporter, we've heard the whispering among some of our allies, dispirited after some tough losses last November, and legislative defeats earlier in the year. It's only natural to get depressed and feel that we're fighting against long odds. But what Illinois teaches us is that you will never be disappointed in standing up for the truth!

In the end, truth will always win. The idea that two men, or two women, can marry each other is a lie, because marriage is intrinsically the union of a man and a woman. And it is intrinsically about how that unique relationship of marriage benefits children.

What Illinois teaches us — powerfully and in no uncertain terms — is that supporting marriage is a winning cause. It teaches us to never give up, and to go on offense, fighting to preserve what God created and what government merely recognizes.

Today NOM is announcing the formation of a "Win More States" fund. Contributions to this fund will be devoted to fighting the good fight for the truth of marriage in key battleground states. We will use this fund to supplement the grassroots activism and public education we already conduct to make sure that we give everything we have to preserving marriage whenever it is under attack. There are many states in play that could use our help right now — Ohio, Oregon, New Jersey, Nevada, Indiana, etc. — and the Win More States Fund will be the vehicle to allow us to devote even more resources to the cause.

Please capitalize on this new momentum by making a generous gift to the Win More States Fund today. Your outpouring of support to the tune of $35, $75, $150, $750, $1,500 or more will cement this new energy in the pro-marriage movement!

Already emails and messages are pouring in — people are excited that we have won an incredible victory for marriage in this deep blue state. America is the land of underdogs and comeback stories — let's repeat that for marriage today!

Please show that you are never giving up on marriage by donating to the cause whatever you can. Everyone can be part of shaping a future that honors the unique contributions of moms and dads, everyone can stand up for the rights of children. Please support our efforts to ensure our marriage laws reflect the reality of marriage and give children what they deserve — a mother and father, united in marital love!

Thank you for standing up for marriage when the odds seemed stacked against us. God bless all of us engaged in this most important fight of our lives.

Marriage Supporters Win Major Victory In Illinois — Effort To Redefine Marriage Fails To Gather Support And Is Tabled Without A Vote

Contact: Elizabeth Ray or Jen Campbell (703-683-5004)

National Organization for Marriage

"This is a great victory for our allies and supporters, as well as Illinois families who have worked tirelessly with us to preserve marriage in Illinois." — Brian Brown

Washington, DC — The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today celebrated the failure of legislation to come to a vote late this evening in Illinois seeking to redefine marriage, thus preserving marriage in the state as the union of one man and one woman. The bill's House sponsor, Rep. Greg Harris, announced this evening that he did not have the votes to pass the measure and would not bring the legislation to a vote. Assuming this is the case, the bill is thus dead until the fall when the Legislature reconvenes for a veto session.

"This effort to redefine marriage in Illinois was one of the most fiercely contested legislative battles in the country this year," said Brian Brown, NOM's president. "This is a great victory for our allies and supporters, as well as Illinois families who have worked tirelessly with us to preserve marriage in Illinois. We are gratified that our collective hard work has paid off in this stunning victory."

Illinois is a heavily Democratic state and has been widely considered by the gay marriage lobby as virtually certain to redefine marriage. Backers of the legislation have frequently claimed, falsely, that they had the votes in hand to pass the legislation (SB 10). President Obama had urged his former colleagues to vote to redefine marriage, and it was a top priority of both Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Governor Pat Quinn. It even was supported by a former Republican Chairman who was forced to resign from his post for advocating a position contrary to Republican principles.

"So much for the inevitability of gay marriage," said Brian Brown. "With a coalition that included strong support from the African American community as well as so many others throughout the state, we did what nobody in the intelligentsia thought was possible. This is a huge victory at a pivotal time, and totally undercuts the lie that somehow same-sex marriage is inevitable."

NOM spent well over $125,000 on grassroots activities to defeat the bill, but praised others in the coalition for securing the victory.

"Our thanks go out to champions such as the African American Clergy Coalition; Rev. James Meeks and Bishop Lance Davis; the Illinois Conference of Catholic Bishops and their director Bob Gilligan; the Illinois Family Institute and their director David Smith; the Illinois Family PAC and their director, Paul Caprio; and the Coalition of African American Pastors and their chairman, Rev. Bill Owens. Everyone pitched in everything they had to stop this ill-conceived legislation. We at NOM are honored to have been part of the coalition effort."

NOM also announced that it would form a state PAC to support Democrats and Republicans who supported marriage as the union of one man and one woman, and would oppose legislators, especially Republicans, who abandoned the true definition of marriage.

"We intend to continue to work with our coalition allies including Pastor Meeks, Bishop Davis and the other amazing leaders in the African American community who boldly stood for the truth about marriage," Brown said. "And those Republicans who betrayed principle will soon learn that their political careers are headed for the same dustbin that met former GOP Chair Pat Brady when he betrayed the cause of marriage."


To schedule an interview with Brian Brown, President of the National Organization for Marriage, please contact Elizabeth Ray (x130), [email protected], or Jen Campbell (x145), [email protected], at 703-683-5004.

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BREAKING: Big Win in Illinois!

National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

We've just received word that Illinois Democrats have canceled plans to vote on same-sex marriage this week, unable to secure enough support to guarantee passage. Publicly, they're saying that it's just because some of their supporters are out of town, but we are hearing that your pressure is part of the reason legislators don't want to vote on this issue.

There's a long way to go, but suddenly same-sex marriage in Illinois isn't as inevitable as everyone said.

*   *   *   *   *

Meanwhile, there's plenty of work still to be done, and I need your help right now to keep the pressure on.

You may have already seen the headlines: "Illinois GOP Chair Backs Same-Sex Marriage."

Yesterday, Pat Brady, head of the Illinois Republican Party, endorsed the same-sex marriage legislation pending in Springfield, in prominent opposition to the state and national Republican party platforms. Republican activists and pro-family voters from every corner of Illinois are outraged and calling on Pat Brady to resign as leader of the party.

Marriage and family are central, not just to the Republican Party platform, but to the votes and values of Republicans across the nation. NOM joins with voices from across the state in demanding that Pat Brady step down or be removed as leader of the party.

We are calling on all GOP donors to immediately stop funding to the Illinois GOP, and to let the party know that you will be withholding any future donations as long as Pat Brady is head of the party.

Instead, I would urge you to take those dollars that you would normally give to the Republican Party, and give them to NOM, or to one of the wonderful pro-family groups in Illinois fighting to defend marriage.

In addition to calling on Pat Brady to resign, NOM today pledged to form a brand new PAC, funded with $250,000 to defeat any Republican lawmakers who vote for same-sex marriage. Any Republican in Illinois who betrays the cause of marriage will be casting a career-ending vote and will be held accountable to their constituents.

We will spend whatever it takes — hundreds of thousands of dollars if necessary — to remove them from office, just as we did three of the four turncoat Republican state Senators in New York who were responsible for gay 'marriage' passing there. We will not hesitate to support pro-family Democrats to replace them, as our record in New York proves.

Please take a moment right now to call the Illinois Republican Party and demand the resignation of Pat Brady. Call them at (217) 525-0011. Let them know it is simply unacceptable to have a party chairman who so openly flauts values central to the party and its platform.

Also, if you live in Illinois, please make a phone call to your state senator and representative. We have won a major battle today, but the war continues on, as gay marriage activists work to organize support for a vote very soon.

Please click here to look up phone numbers for your legislators.

And use this link to send them an email!

Finally — and this is crucial, especially for those of you outside of Illinois — please keep forwarding this information to your friends and family who live in Illinois. We need every voice engaged in this fight.

Time to Finish the Job

Email Header Image

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Congratulations, New Yorkers!

Last week you, along with NOM PAC NY, helped bring about historic victories for marriage in New York, with shockwaves from the primaries being felt across the nation. Together we've sent a strong message to the New York Legislature and to the entire nation!

Now we need your help to carry this momentum through the general elections and make sure we finish what we started in New York! Will you help us today with your immediate, urgently-needed contribution of $25, $50, or $100 so that we can send pro-marriage candidates to the New York Legislature in the coming year?

As the Associated Press reported:

"Any Republican legislator faced with this vote is going to think twice," said Robert Bellafiore, a political commentator and former top aide to Republican Gov. George Pataki of New York. "I don't think there is any question this going to have a chilling effect across the country."

The Wall Street Journal headline announced: "Gay marriage backers in peril in New York," despite the fact that gay marriage advocates "poured more than $1 million into the races as they sought to make inroads among the GOP and provide evidence that Republicans can vote for gay rights and not be punished at the polls."

The problem is: It's simply not true.

Politicians—especially Republican politicians—vote for same-sex marriage at their own peril.

But Republicans weren't alone. NOM PAC NY helped oust Democrat Shirley Huntley, under corruption investigation and also one of the turncoat senators who voted for same-sex marriage last year, and give the nomination to staunchly pro-marriage James Sanders in the Democratic Primary.

This type of primary challenge rarely occurs in New York, where incumbents are heavily protected. But in the past year, the people of New York have now replaced four of the turncoat senators—and we haven't even reached the general election!

As the Daily Beast reported, for same-sex marriage advocates, "It wasn't supposed to be this way."

The decisive defeat of the incumbents Shirley Huntley and Roy McDonald has shown all of America that New Yorkers are finally getting their vote on the marriage issue, and that the betrayals by these senators in imposing gay marriage through backhanded dealings in Albany was the swan song of their political careers!

NOM PAC NY, with your help, has now handed four out the six senators who betrayed New Yorkers by voting for same-sex marriage their walking papers, and we want to make sure that the other two get put on notice this November.

NOM PAC NY is putting the resources in place to keep up pressure on pro-same-sex marriage politicians through the general election season, but we can't do this without your help. We need funding to get the word out through targeted mailings, emails, phone calls, and radio and TV ads so that New Yorkers can recognize the opportunity they have this November to make their voices heard on the issue of marriage.

Will you stand with us today by sending us your generous support? Your donation of $25, $50, or $100 will help us to ensure we can keep fighting on your behalf through the election season!

You deserve your vote on marriage in New York, and these elections are the way we're going to ensure that your voice is heard. Let's stand together and send the message loud and clear to Albany and to Washington, DC: NEW YORK STANDS FOR MARRIAGE!

NOM Helps Defeat Two New York Senators Who Voted to Redefine Marriage

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 14, 2012

Contact: Elizabeth Ray or Jen Campbell (703-683-5004)

Defeated Incumbents Bring to Four Those Who Have Lost Their Seats over Supporting Same-sex Marriage

National Organization for Marriage

Washington, D.C.—The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today celebrated the defeat of two incumbent state Senators who voted to redefine marriage in New York. NOM played a pivotal role in helping to defeat the incumbents, Roy McDonald and Shirley Huntley. In addition, Neil DiCarlo, a NOM-backed challenger to Stephen Saland, was locked in a razor-close battle and expects to defeat the incumbent when final absentee votes are counted.

"Marriage was redefined in New York because of six turncoat Senators, and we vowed we would not rest until they were removed from office," said Brian Brown, NOM's president. "We've now taken out four of the six who betrayed marriage, and we're going to finish the job with the remaining two."

Senator James Alesi was driven from his reelection race by NOM's pledge to defeat him. Senator Carl Kruger was forced to resign, and NOM helped elect pro-marriage Republican David Storobin to replace him. McDonald was defeated in the Republican primary by pro-marriage candidate Kathy Marchione. NOM was a major supporter of Marchione, sending two district-wide mailers and launching thousands of telephone calls. And Huntley was defeated in the Democratic primary by pro-marriage candidate James Sanders. NOM also sent two mailers and thousands of telephone calls opposing Huntley.

"When marriage was redefined, Andrew Cuomo and his billionaire friends like Paul Singer and Michael Bloomberg said they'd protect anyone who voted against marriage from political harm. Now look at the political carnage they have wrought," said Brown. "Four of their six Senators are [gone], and the other two will be soon. Neil DiCarlo expects to defeat Sen. Saland when all the votes are cast. And we will vigorously oppose Mark Grisanti in the general election. If that results in Dean Skelos losing his Senate majority, so be it. Skelos is also responsible for redefining marriage because he authorized the vote in the first instance."

Brown continued, "The people of New York have sent a clear and unequivocal message—they will not tolerate politicians, Democrat of Republican, who redefine marriage. It's laughable when groups like the Human Rights Campaign say that nobody has ever lost a race for supporting same-sex marriage. The landscape is littered with the failed political careers of such politicians, including now these four (soon to be six) incumbents in New York."


To schedule an interview with Brian Brown, President of the National Organization for Marriage, please contact Elizabeth Ray (x130), [email protected], or Jen Campbell (x145), [email protected], at 703-683-5004.

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NOM Commends North Carolina Voters for Overwhelming Vote in Favor Of Marriage Protection Amendment


Contact: Anath Hartmann or Elizabeth Ray (703-683-5004)

"So much for the idea that same-sex marriage is inevitable. Just the other day, gay advocates were predicting victory in North Carolina, but instead marriage won an overwhelming victory." —Brian Brown, NOM president—

National Organization for Marriage

Washington, D.C.—The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today commended North Carolina voters for making theirs the 31st state to enact a constitutional amendment defining marriage exclusively as the union of one man and one woman. The vote of more than 60% in favor of the amendment was an overwhelming endorsement of traditional marriage in this critical swing state.

"We commend North Carolina voters for passing the Marriage Protection Amendment, becoming the 31st state to adopt a constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman," said Brian Brown, NOM's president. "So much for the idea being promulgated by the media and the elite that same-sex marriage is inevitable. Just the other day, gay activists were predicting victory in North Carolina, but instead marriage won an overwhelming victory."

NOM played a major role in the passage of the North Carolina marriage amendment. NOM contributed $425,000 directly to the campaign and raised countless additional funds for the effort. Brian Brown served on the campaign's Executive Committee and NOM National Political Director Frank Schubert managed the campaign through his firm, Mission Public Affairs.

"It should not go unnoticed that our position that marriage is between a man and a woman is gaining support, not losing support," said Brown. "Earlier this week the Gallup poll showed that support for same-sex marriage is down. Actual vote percentages in favor of traditional marriage are rising. In 2008 in California, the Prop 8 constitutional amendment on traditional marriage passed with 52% of the vote. Then in 2009 in Maine, 53% of voters stood for traditional marriage and rejected same-sex marriage legislation. In 2010, 56% of Iowa voters rejected three Supreme Court judges who had imposed gay marriage in that state. And now more than 60% of North Carolina voters have passed a constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. There is a clear trend line, and it is moving in our direction."

North Carolina is the first of five states expected to vote on the definition of marriage this year. Others include Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington.

"We are at the beginning of a national campaign in support of defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman," said Brown. "Marriage will be a major issue in swing states across the country, and will be directly on the ballot in four more states this fall. The victory in North Carolina is a wonderful beginning to what we believe will be a clean sweep of states this year. We look forward to this national campaign to send an unmistakable message that the American people believe in preserving our historic understanding of marriage."


To schedule an interview with Brian Brown, President of the National Organization for Marriage, please contact Elizabeth Ray (x130), [email protected], or Anath Hartmann, [email protected], at 703-683-5004.

Paid for by The National Organization for Marriage, Brian Brown, president. 2029 K Street NW, Suite 300 Washington, DC 20006, not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. New § 68A.405(1)(f) & (h).

HISTORIC! Victory for Marriage in New York!

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Dear Marriage Supporter,


Last June I made you a promise—that I would not rest until the voters of New York had the final say on marriage. Step one was replacing the seven turncoat New York Senators who brought same-sex marriage to the state.

Tuesday evening, in Brooklyn, we took the first major step toward keeping that promise with an incredible victory in a special election for State Senator!

Political newcomer and marriage supporter David Storobin has pulled off a major upset (subject to a recount) against long-time councilman Lew Fidler in New York’s Senate District 27.

One Down, Six to Go!

Please help us capitalize on this tremendous victory for marriage by making a
donation of $500, $100, $50, $35 or even $20 to the NOM NY PAC
right away so we can replicate this victory all around the state!

Donate now

NOM played a major role in this week's special election to replace disgraced (and incarcerated!) former Senator Carl Kruger—who voted last June to legalize same-sex marriage in New York. A previously unknown, pro-marriage, Russian immigrant, David Storobin shocked the political establishment by winning Tuesday's vote count in a deeply blue district. He was overwhelmingly outspent by his opponent, the pro same-sex marriage City Councilman, Lew Fidler.

Absentee ballots still have to be tabulated, and due to the incredibly close race, the votes will be recounted. But regardless of the final vote count, this election made one thing crystal clear: same-sex marriage is a losing proposition for politicians.

As we have so many times in the past, we were able to level the playing field in a heavily Democratic district. NOM's issue ads, automated phone calls and hard-hitting mailings to targeted audiences proved pivotal in this race.

Perhaps most importantly, this race cements a new relationship between traditional marriage supporters and the Orthodox Jewish community, forced to choose between principled support for marriage and their traditional political loyalties.

I am especially grateful for the courage and leadership of Rabbi Eliyahu Brog of Mirrer Yeshiva who recorded our automated phone calls to Jewish households throughout the district—and for Joseph Hayon, president of the Brooklyn Tea Party, whose creativity, limitless energy and outstanding grassroots leadership helped make sure our efforts were focused effectively down to individual homes and neighborhoods.

Won't you please stand with us today by making a gift of $500, $100, $50, $35 or even $20 to the NOM PAC New York to help us hold even more politicians accountable?

Donate now

As the New York Post so succinctly put it, Fidler "got hammered for his support of gay marriage, an unpopular position in the district."

It seems so patently obvious, but to the political establishment who prefers to operate behind closed doors and broker back room deals that impose a radical social agenda on their constituents, Tuesday's result came as a surprise.

And NOM will continue hammering home the point until the politicians wake up and realize it as well. Same-sex marriage is a losing proposition.

Please join us in celebrating this great victory, and please consider making a donation today to help us bring about more of these kinds of results all across the state.

God bless you.

Victory! Gov. Christie Vetoes Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Gov. Christie fulfills his promise to the people of New Jersey:

Gov. Chris Christie has backed up his promise to reject a bill allowing same-sex marriages in New Jersey.

His veto came Friday, a day after the state Assembly passed the bill. The Senate approved it Monday.

... Lawmakers have until the end of the January 2014 legislative session to override the veto.

They would need to get two-thirds of the lawmakers in the Assembly and Senate to agree. Both votes to pass it fell short of that mark.

The Democratic-controlled Legislature has been unsuccessful in every previous attempt to override Christie. -- The Associated Press