No News From Supreme Court, But There's Some Other Good News


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

The US Supreme Court briefly convened this morning but did not issue its rulings in either the Proposition 8 or DOMA cases. They will reconvene again tomorrow, and very likely at least one other day this week. We expect the marriage cases to be the final decisions issued this term, and we will be at the Court each day waiting for their decision.

Meanwhile, we got some other good news from a federal court. You may recall the video our Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance produced last year featuring the case of Daniel Glowacki. Daniel refused to speak approvingly in class about homosexual conduct when his gay activist teacher attempted to use an "anti-bullying" day to promote homosexuality in the classroom. Daniel was kicked out of class for adhering to his Catholic beliefs about the true nature of human sexuality. His teacher angrily told him that he had lost his right to free speech once he entered his classroom.

Well, last week Daniel won his case to defend his right to speak his views in a classroom discussion on homosexuality.

Please join us in congratulating Daniel and his mother for having the courage to speak the truth about his religious beliefs and for standing up to a teacher who bullies his students. You can write your own words of thanks and encouragement to Daniel and his mother here and we will be sure to deliver them.

Please also make a financial contribution to help us produce more videos highlighting the cases of average Americans who stand in the public square for the truth of marriage and human sexuality, and suffer consequences as a result.

Everyone has the right to free speech, including people of faith who believe in the truth about marriage and sexuality.

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