Gay activists campaign to force CA mayor to dis-invite Focus on the Family VP


Do you believe in traditional marriage? Then some gay activists think you aren't fit to be invited to a public event:

As we reported earlier, Arcadia Mayor Peter Amundson has apparently invited H.B. London, Jr. , vice president of Ministry Outreach/Pastoral Ministries for Focus on the Family, to the Mayor’s Breakfast on March 4. According to Amundson’s profile, the mayor “appreciates the history and culture of our city as well as the hometown traditional values that have made Arcadia great.” His Facebook page says he is a fan of Protect Marriage, sponsors of the antigay Yes on Prop 8 initiative – which was ruled unconstitutional by a federal district court last year. Tuesday night, a number of people who are pro-LGBT equality spoke before the Arcadia City Council expressing their concern about the mayor courting the anti-gay religious group.

The Arcadia (California) Patch further reports:

Activists, meanwhile, plan to protest outside the Mayor's Community Breakfast if London remains the keynote speaker. Eisenlord asked the city council to deny funding for the breakfast if a replacement speaker isn't selected.

Scott Hettrick, meanwhile, published an op-ed on the same Arcadia Patch:

"...a few residents and a local newspaper editor [have been] chastising Mayor Peter Amundson for selecting the Rev. H.B. London to speak at the annual Mayor’s Breakfast. I’ve said before that the only thing I really can’t tolerate is intolerance. Or to put it the way the mayor so accurately stated in response to challenges to his speaker selection: “Tolerance is a two-way street.” He’s right. When liberals become as judgmental and closed-minded as they complain conservatives can be, it doesn’t matter if it’s from a different political point of view: It’s just as wrong.