Celebrity Trumps Politics


The Donald came out as a conservative at CPAC, saying "I'm pro-life, I'm against gun control, I'll end and replace Obamacare, and I won't raise your taxes." He says he'll decide by June whether to run for president. Other candidates say what this country needs is "you." The Donald says what the country needs is him. Someone who is successful, competitive, used to winning, who understands "life is war." His platform includes fair trade, kick China for manipulating its currency, demand OPEC lower oil prices and generally make America great again.

He got into a fight in the middle of his speech with Ron Paul supporters by telling the crowd, half of which was booing half of which was applauding, that "I like Ron Paul, he's a good man, but he has zero chance to be president."

He certainly doesn't back down from a fight.

The Grade

Life: C+
Marriage: D
Social conservatism: D

But wow, it was fun.