Mitt Romney’s Speech


Ann, his wife of forty years, mother of five, grandmother of 16, introduced Mitt Romney. “He always told me that mine was the most important job,” she said, “He said, 'my work is temporary, you are building a family forever.'”

Mitt stepped to the podium looking tall, tanned, graying at the temple—sounding affable, even funny, clear, decisive, gosh-darn presidential timber.

“I’ve been in the shadow of that woman since high school,” he quipped, before launching on his big theme: jobs, jobs, jobs.

President Obama and liberalism should be “ashamed” of “the Obama misery index” and the long lines at job fairs that are “Obama’s Hoovervilles.”

In his litany of the failures of liberal policies, he also mentioned specifically the failure of “liberal social policies—which have failed to protect the unborn.”

Afterwards a reporter in the press room said “How could he not say anything about health care?" A kind of big hole in an otherwise well-received speech.

The Grade

On Life: B
On Marriage: D
On Social Conservatism: D+

A fine speech, but almost no mention of our issues.