BREAKING: New Poll Shows Majority of Maryland Voters Believe Marriage is Only One Man-One Woman


From our press release (scroll down to see full release):

By a 54-37 margin, Maryland voters believe that marriage should only be between a man and a woman, according to a new poll released today by Lawrence Research.

The poll, commissioned by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), also found that 78% of the state’s voters believe the voters of Maryland, rather than the legislature (14%), should have the final word on the issue of whether or not to legalize same-sex marriage.

... Another poll conducted in January claimed that Maryland voters favor same-sex marriage by a 51-44 margin, but used the phrase “giving them the same legal rights as heterosexual married couples in areas such as tax exemptions, inheritance and pension coverage.” According to Dr. Gary Lawrence of Lawrence Research, the addition of this pro-legalization argument – couching the legalization of same-sex marriage as only about granting rights and benefits to gay couples – without a counter-balancing statement from the opposing side injects a bias into those results.

Maryland Poll FINAL - 02.17.11