Thanks, Colbert Report!


I learned this morning NOM has officially made it to the big stage, being parodied last night on the Colbert Report! Thank you, Colbert Report, for the publicity. Those who enjoy the irreverent satire of the Colbert Report can catch the segment here (parental discretion).

NOM's statement released this afternoon is below:

National Organization for Marriage
to Stephen Colbert:

“Thank You!”

(Princeton, NJ) - “I’ve always thought Stephen Colbert was a double-agent, pretending to pretend to be a conservative, to pull one over Hollywood. Now I’m sure," said Maggie Gallagher, President of the National Organization for Marriage.

“Thank you Stephen for playing our ad in full on national television—for free. HRC eat your heart out. Plus we all had a great chuckle, too!" said Brian Brown, NOM’s Executive Director. "Where can I make a donation to the National Organization for Colbert?"