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Dear Friends of Marriage,

I have so much good news to tell you about marriage.

Good news? On a week that started with Miss California losing her dream of the Miss America crown--just because she thinks, like you and me and the Main Street majority--that marriage means a man and a woman?

Yes!  Let's start with Miss California. Think about it. At the exact moment when media is pushing one main manufactured message point--give up, despair, the younger generation is on our side, you have no hope--what happens?

A gorgeous 21-year-old beauty queen is asked in a split second to choose, as Maggie Gallagher writes, between the truth and the tiara, between her convictions and the crown, between courage and capitulation.

It was, as a San Diego pastor friend of mine put it, a real "Queen Esther" moment for Carrie. Her faith was tested and she passed with flying colors--she showed the whole world the crown that she is really seeking, didn't she? How many others are taking inspiration from that moment--taking renewed courage to show our convictions--to act to support marriage? 

Thanks to Carrie, 20 million or more young adults who support marriage have a new voice for their views, and a new platform to reach out to their friends, neighbors, peers. If Miss California has the courage of her convictions, how can they--or any of us-- stay silent any more?

By the way, far more young adults are on our side on this issue than the media would have you believe. In California, one of the most liberal states in the nation, 45 percent of young adults voted for Prop 8. Is it so hard to imagine persuading another 5 to 10 percent of young people about the importance of marriage as the union of husband and wife? Thank you, Carrie, for launching a youth counter-revolution on marriage!

Perez Hilton, the "celebrity blogger" who asked the question, clearly thought he would manufacture yet another gay marriage moment. Well he did, but not in the way he thinks.   Thank you Perez Hilton for giving us Carrie Prejean.

Perez Hilton also underscored the main message of NOM's "Gathering Storm" ad: Gay marriage as a movement is not about quietly letting two men live as they choose--it's about changing how the rest of us live, what we can say, what we believe, what our children and taught. It's about imposing a new morality on the American people--misusing law if possible, harassing, intimidating, and punishing those who disagree with same-sex marriage into silence and submission. (If you doubt me, see the video that Perez Hilton put up himself on his website about Miss California--he's totally unashamed of what he did, isn't he--he's proud.)

But most Americans are appalled at the way she was treated. 

We'll be working hard at NOM to help get Carrie's message out to the next generation--and to the politicians and judges bent on redefining marriage.

My goal this week is to find 20 people willing to make a monthly pledge to NOM. Can you reach down and sacrifice $1 a day for marriage? That's a monthly pledge of $30. If that's beyond your means, what about 5 cents a day for marriage--that's a pledge of $1.50 each month? Alone they can intimidate us; together we can stand for truth. Help us be your voice for our shared values: to defend truth, and decency, and civility and the liberty of all Americans, including Carrie Prejean, to stand for marriage in these troubled times.

Here's my personal pledge: Your sacrifices will make a difference

Other good news: Victory in New Hampshire! I don't just mean the unexpectedly tough fight gay marriage advocates are having in New England generally.

Jeb Bradley's campaign this week for an open senate seat in New Hampshire turned into a referendum on same-sex marriage when Judge Bud Martin said he favored gay marriage.  NOM jumped in to help, and, thanks to your courage for standing up for your conviction--Jeb Bradley won with 61 percent of the vote! This is the first test of how the gay marriage push is playing in New England and its not good news for folks who are claiming opposition to gay marriage is over.

As Maggie says, politicians might want to think twice before consulting that noted political strategist Meghan McCain about gay marriage. Rudy Giuliani  (not a social conservative but a really smart man) also jumped into this debate--making it clear that he opposes same-sex marriage. That's his judgment about how this gay marriage push is playing in a blue state like New York. 

In Connecticut, gay marriage advocates expected to quietly pass implementing legislation the court had ordered.  NOM's "Gathering Storm" media campaign, highlighting the religious liberty consequences of same-sex marriage--along with outreach to voters by NOM and other groups including the Family Institute of Connecticut--generated a flood of calls.  The two leaders who were pushing SB 899, Michael Lawler and State Sen. Andrew McDonald, are the same two characters who proposed a bill which would take control over church property away from churches and into the hands of government-approved boards. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice...? But the people of Connecticut were not fooled. The senators walked into the chamber expecting they could just pass the bill; instead the public outcry and an internal revolt among conservative Democrats provoked the surprise headline of the week: Connecticut passes substantive religious liberty protections.

It's not perfect. It's not by any means all that we want. We will never back down on the important of protecting marriage as the union of one man with one woman. We will fight for God's first great truth about who we are as human beings. 

But let's savor a totally surprising victory on the most difficult turf under the worst circumstance--a court ordering gay marriage. The Connecticut religious liberty protections are a real, totally unexpected victory that shocked the mainstream media--and you made it happen.

Thank you.

You'll notice from our "NOM in the News" clippings appended that Maggie and I are spending a great deal of time speaking up in public to the media; it's an honor to be your voice for our values. Just to let you know: The New York Times took a nasty shot at Maggie (see Frank Rich's column, "The Bigots' Last Hurrah"). Don't worry. Maggie will continue to speak with courage and civility for marriage as a great good. We won't descend to their level. We can take the hits because we know the truth doesn't change; we know that  marriage is good. Name-calling can't change the truth. (See for example, Maggie's great comments to the New York Times on Miss California, "The truth over a tiara.")  Gay marriage advocates have the big donors and the big media on their side. We have two things: the truth, and you. Your support is what makes NOM's work possible. Thank you. (To donate, click here.)

Another bit of good news: Orson Scott Card, one of the great authors of our times (and a noted science-fiction writer in particular) has agreed to join NOM's board of directors.  What courage from a great artist in these times! 

We're moved and grateful for Orson Scott Card and for so many people, of all races, creeds and colors, are coming together to support marriage. (For more information see NOM's press release here.)

 Keep the prayers, the letters, and the phone calls coming. We appreciate everything you do to make sure that, as Maggie likes to say, "truth and love will prevail over hate and lies."

Thank you!

And God bless you and your family, 

Brian BrownBrian S. Brown
Executive Director
National Organization for Marriage
20 Nassau Street, Suite 242
Princeton, NJ 08542
[email protected]

 PS: Here's Maggie on Carrie Prejean:

Choosing Truth Over a Tiara
Maggie Gallagher

Miss California's answer to the political question asked of her by a judge was moving to the audience and the millions of new fans she now has for a simple reason: Her words were marked by genuineness, decency, a clear effort at civility, and great personal courage. The ugly response of her critics, especially Perez Hilton, is demeaning -- but not to Carrie Prejean.

If politics and religion are inappropriate in a pageant, as Keith Lewis suggests, judges should not ask questions about hot-button political and moral issues. Carrie Prejean is a heroine to many because in that split second she had to decide, she chose truth over the tiara. It was an extraordinary moment.

P.S. It was extraordinary indeed! Can you help us spread the word? Do you have $10, $100, or even $250 you can spare to do your part to protect marriage?

NOM in the News: Gay Marriage Spreads Without Backlash
ABC News
April 22, 2009


Maggie Gallagher, the organization's president and a conservative commentator, said there's no shortage of grassroots conservative anger over the recent moves expanding gay marriage.

That outrage may not be getting much national press attention, but it remains a potent political force, she said.

"It's manufactured moment, this idea that people are ready to give up on the gay-marriage fight," Gallagher said. "In Connecticut, in New Hampshire, in Iowa, the legislators are being flooded with phone calls on this issue. People are not happy with gay marriage."

The Bigots' Last Hurrah
Frank Rich
April 18, 2009
WHAT would happen if you crossed that creepy 1960s horror classic "The Village of the Damned" with the Broadway staple "A Chorus Line"? You don't need to use your imagination. It's there waiting for you on YouTube under the title "Gathering Storm": a 60- second ad presenting homosexuality as a national threat second only to terrorism.

National Organization for Marriage Urges Connecticut General Assembly to Defeat SB 899
DFW Catholic
April 20, 2009
"Presented under the guise of conforming state statutes to the Connecticut Supreme Court's ruling legalizing gay marriage, SB 899 would undermine existing legal protections for religious organizations and repeal statutes that help ensure that gay marriage is not taught to children in public schools." -- Brian Brown, Executive Director, NOM

Former McCain Advisor Warns Against Turning GOP Into "Religious Party"
Christian Post
April 19, 2009
And though there are individuals such as Schmidt who believe more Americans will come to accept gay relationships as they get to know gay individuals, NOM president Maggie Gallagher says true conservatives will remain committed to the traditional definition of marriage -- a definition that spans different cultures and religions and is not limited to one, as Schmidt suggested.

"There is no conservative case for gay marriage," she asserted.

"Gay marriage represents the overthrow of the core idea of marriage in our tradition and every faith tradition. And it will put government on the side of excluding traditional faith communities from the public square," she added.

 Maggie Gallagher on the "Strategic Moment"
National Review Online--The Corner 
part one: Steve Schmidt says the problem with the GOP is too many religious voters.

Funny, this is the Democrats' view too.

Democrats are engaged in a highly sophisticated outreach strategy with the same basic message point: The GOP is not the natural home for religious people. Prolife Catholics can support Obama. The public things you see are only a small part of the money being flooded into penetrating religious peoples' intellectual networks to reduce effective opposition to sexual liberalism by disaffiliating their leaders from either the GOP or from their traditional stands on morality (cf. Rick Warren).

This is the Democrats' carrot to religious people. They also are developing an increasingly big stick: After gay marriage, the most religiously committed Americans will be effectively marginalized as a public force -- because they cannot act or support the idea that gay unions are marriages. Such people will, if we lose the marriage debate, be treated the way we treat bigots who oppose interracial marriage. Imagine: All it will take to make, say, a judicial nominee unconfirmable will be to establish that they are indeed Catholic. (more)

part two: So I'm sitting around watching CNN push the idea (with the help of noted political strategist Meghan McCain and various Log Cabin Republicans) that the key to resurrecting the GOP brand is getting rid of those pesky evangelicals and endorsing gay rights more vigorously.

Hmmm. The GOP lost an election because of an economic collapse and a drawn-out war -- and social conservatism is to blame? Does this make any sense at all? (more)

part three: Bottom line: The prescription of Steve Schmidt and Company on how to rebuild the GOP -- fewer religious voters and more gay rights -- is silly. (more)

Gay Marriage Opponents Cheer Change 
April 23, 2009
"It's a gesture of respect," National Organization for Marriage President Maggie Gallagher told POLITICO. "Even people who want same-sex marriage see that groups that want marriage to remain between husband and wife have a point."

 "Gathering Storm" Spoofs: Which Celebrity Gay-Marriage Parody Rains More Laughs?.
Entertainment Weekly Popwatch
April 21, 2009
It's the ad that just keeps giving! Of course, I'm referring to The National Organization for Marriage's (NOM) "Gathering Storm" video advertisement that, in a stroke of nearsighted literalism, actually placed actors in front of ominous storm clouds as they talked about the approaching "storm" of same-sex marriage. Since the ad's debut earlier this month, people all around the entertainment universe have been taking a crack at it. On Tuesday, Funny or Die unveiled this parody video, which stars, among others, Alicia Silverstone, Lance Bass, Sophia Bush, George Takei, and Jane Lynch...

 A Civil Right 
April 23, 2009
The National Organization for Marriage says the best argument against gay marriage is that "gays and lesbians have a right to live as they choose; they don't have the right to redefine marriage for all of us."

Marriage Fight Boils Over 
Washington Blade
April 17, 2009
Maggie Gallagher, NOM's president, told the Blade the ad was "more successful" than they "imagined or hoped." She said the commercial has inspired a significant response from "small donors and the activist base."

 Maine Prepares for Gay Marriage Debate
On Top Magazine
April 21, 2009
Gay marriage opponents have mounted an expensive television ad blitz that has run in several states, including New Hampshire and Maine. The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) says they spent $1.5 million producing their Gathering Storm ad.

NOM to Steve Schmidt: Losing Elections Does Not Make You an Expert on Gay Marriage
ADF Alliance Alert
April 20, 2009
"Steven Schmidt? Isn't this the guy who ran a failed presidential campaign, who advised a failed governor (Arnold Schwarzenegger)[,] who insiders say was recently fired by Meg Whitman?" Brown continued, "Sure, we can understand why Steve would be looking for a way to make some new friends -- but why would anyone take his advice on how to win elections at this point?" 

Guv Draws Scrutiny Over Stance on Civil Unions 
Deseret News 
April 20, 2009
The New Jersey-based organization announced on its Web site the ad is part of a $1.5 million campaign launched in early April to bring viewers "face to face with the growing religious liberty threat posed by same-sex marriage." It has been parodied on YouTube as well as on Comedy Central's "Colbert Report."

King, NOM Polling Eastern Iowans
Iowa Independent
April 9, 2009
The automated survey questions are similar, if not exact, on each call. Those who answer are asked if they are a registered voter. The answer to the following question, which asks if the person supports marriage as being between only one man and one woman, is a deal-breaker. If the person chooses "no," the call returns to a recording of King offering his thanks and noting that the call was paid for by the National Organization for Marriage. Those who answer yes are given additional survey questions and more information about "the fight for traditional marriage."

 Groups Want Faith Exemption on Same-Sex Marriage Issue
Hartford Courant
April 22, 2009
Meanwhile, the National Organization for Marriage has launched a $1.5 million television ad campaign "highlighting the threat that same-sex marriage poses to the core civil rights of all Americans who believe in marriage as the union of a husband and wife," the group said. In the ad, which is running in Connecticut and four other states, an actor portrays a member of a New Jersey church group that lost its tax-exempt status because it did not permit a same-sex civil union to take place in its beach pavilion.The group is also conducting a phone campaign.

California's Gay Marriage Trailblazers Look East for Signs of Progress
Sacramento Bee
April 21, 2009
The National Organization for Marriage - an anti-gay-marriage group - will support attempts to overturn the Iowa court decision with a ballot initiative, said Maggie Gallagher, the group's president.

"It's not over in Iowa," she said. "From where we sit, this really energizes us. We're finding that activists are flocking to us. We're going to fight it in New Hampshire and New York. We're going to fight it everywhere."

Pro-Marriage Group Thanks Stephen Colbert   
The Exception Magazine 
April 22, 2009
Stephen Colbert, star of the Comedy Central satire, the Colbert Report, has a new set of fans -- pro-marriage groups.

The National Organization for Marriage sent out a public thank-you note to the comedian after he aired their "Gathering Storm" ad on his program.

Storm Gathering Over Same-Sex Marriage in Maine   
The Exception Magazine 
April 22, 2009
First, the National Organization for Marriage released their clip on the "storm gathering" which suggests "freedom will be taken away" by gay marriage. The video was mocked by many amateur YouTube film-makers over its use of actors, rather than "real" people telling their stories. 

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