EMERGENCY ALERT: Marriage Under Assault in New Jersey!


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Dear Friends of Marriage,

The next two months will shape the future of marriage in New Jersey. We need your help today!

After last week's election, gay marriage advocates know they have just two months to pass a same-sex marriage bill in New Jersey. Once Governor-elect Christie is inaugurated in January, he has promised to veto any same-sex marriage bill that reaches his desk for the next four years.

Governor Corzine decided to make same-sex marriage one of the signature issues of his campaign -- even choosing Loretta Weinberg, the Senate's longtime advocate of same-sex marriage, to be his running mate. ("Tears of Joy" is how Garden State Equality announced the news that Weinberg would be on the ticket.)

But they lost.

So now Governor Corzine is trying to push same-sex marriage through in the lame duck session. And all too many legislators are happy to go along -- happy to keep their vote on gay marriage as far away from the next election as possible!

We need your help to keep the pressure on now!

Immediately after last week's election, Garden State Equality went on the air with TV ads aimed at undecided legislators. Within days, hundreds of activists had attended emergency strategy meetings to lay the groundwork for their lame duck campaign. And it won't stop there. New Jersey legislators -- especially in the Senate -- will be bombarded with calls, emails and personal meetings over the next few weeks, as gay marriage advocates make a last ditch effort to put a same-sex marriage bill on Governor Corzine's desk before he leaves office in January.

But we can put a stop to this desperate attempt to redefine marriage!

NOM is pleased to be part of the largest grassroots campaign ever organized to protect marriage in New Jersey, as we all work together to stop this latest gay marriage push. Last week, NOM launched a $250,000 radio ad campaign to make New Jerseyans aware of the radical agenda being pushed in Trenton during the lame duck session.

Already, we're seeing reports of divisions within the Senate Democratic caucus. Just a few days ago, Senate President Richard Codey admitted to a WNYC reporter that he doesn't have enough Democratic votes to pass the bill, despite a 23-17 party advantage in the Senate. And he's not sure he has enough Republican votes, either.

Gay marriage advocates are working frantically to swing enough votes in the Senate to pass same-sex marriage. If we can hold the line here, for the next ten weeks, we can save marriage in New Jersey for at least four years.Here's what I need you to do:

1) Click here to email your state senator and assemblymembers right now. Tell them that marriage deserves a full and fair hearing, not a rushed vote while the voters aren't looking. Marriage is too important to be rammed through with backroom deals during a lame duck session.

2) Spread the word! Tell everyone you know that we need them right now. Forward this email to your friends. Tell people at church. Make sure every member of your family contacts your state senator over the next few weeks. Together we can stop this bill!

Will you stand with us today? Don't put it off. We don't know exactly when a vote might take place. Take action today!


Brian BrownBrian S. Brown
Executive Director
National Organization for Marriage
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