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Dear Friends of Marriage,

Ten days ago, the people of Maine rejected same-sex marriage legislation adopted by the legislature last spring. Throughout the campaign, the Yes on Question 1 team worked to explain to voters what happens when marriage is redefined -- citing the experiences of families in Massachusetts, California and elsewhere.

Unfortunately, same-sex marriage advocates in Maine took offense at these truthful, hard-hitting ads, responding with anger, intolerance, and accusations of dishonesty. Unfortunately, the intolerance didn't end when Maine voters settled the question last Tuesday.

A column by Jeff Jacoby in Wednesday's Boston Globe shows just how determined many same-sex marriage advocates are to silence those who disagree with them. Already, the column has prompted nearly 600 comments from readers, too many of whom would rather silence Jeff's voice than debate the merits of his arguments.

Please take a moment to read the column, and then take a moment to send a short note to Jeff and the Globe editors thanking them for shining a light on this problem.

Wedded to Vitriol, Backers of Gay Marriage Stumble
"ON ELECTION DAY, voters in Maine repealed a six-month-old state law authorizing same-sex marriage. Maine was the 31st state in which the legal definition of marriage was put to a vote, and the 31st in which voters rejected gay marriage. And once again, the response from many on the losing side was bitter.

". . . When will it occur to supporters of same-sex marriage that they do their cause no good by characterizing those who disagree with them as haters, bigots, and ignorant homophobes? It may be emotionally satisfying to despise as moral cripples the majorities who oppose gay marriage. But after going 0 for 31 - after failing to make the case for same-sex marriage even in such liberal and largely gay-friendly states as California, Wisconsin, Oregon, and now Maine - isn't it time to stop caricaturing their opponents as the equivalent of Jim Crow-era segregationists? Wouldn't it make more sense to concede that thoughtful voters can have reasonable concerns about gay marriage, concerns that will not be allayed by describing those voters as contemptible troglodytes?"

Read the full article here.

If you or someone you know has been the target of hate or intimidation because of your support for marriage, please write a letter to the Globe letting them know that these problems are for real. And even if you haven't personally experienced backlash from gay marriage activists, please take a minute today to thank Jeff Jacoby and the Globe for highlighting this important problem.

Send your letters to [email protected].

Keep your letter short and to the point (150 words or less is good), and be sure to provide your name and a phone number or email address so that the editor can contact you if needed to verify your submission.

It's rare that Barney Frank and I agree on matters of public policy, but I loved this quote from Barney Frank at the end of Jeff's column:

"Showing a bit of respect for cultural values with which you disagree is not a bad thing. Don't call people bigots and fools just because you disagree with them."

Right on.

Brian BrownFaithfully,

Brian S. Brown
Executive Director
National Organization for Marriage
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