Christians Need Not Apply - From Great Britain to Illinois


In our sister democracy in Great Britain, a truly shocking example of how far gay-rights advocates will go to shut down religious people came to light this week: The British courts ruled that Christians can be excluded from fostering children unless they affirm that homosexual sex and marriage is good.

Christians are now “unfit parents” because they hold traditional, mainstream Christian views on sex and marriage? Already in Great Britain, judges' felt need to eliminate “discrimination” and promote “equality” trumps religious liberty--and, sadly, not only religious liberty. It's trumping common sense, and the urgent need of abandoned and abused children to find loving homes, too.

That's the upside-down world now being created for us, in the name of tolerance and equality.

And this morning I woke up to read this ominous Chicago Tribune headline: “State probes religious foster care agencies over discrimination.”

In Illinois, Lutheran, Catholic and Evangelical adoption agencies are being probed for discrimination, in a move the reporter acknowledges could disrupt the lives of 3000 needy children in their care.

What's really happening is also made clear in this report: Gay foster parents know perfectly well that there are 50 or more agencies they can go to if they wish to foster children. This is not about “live and let live,” it's about using discrimination laws as a club to shut down religious people and organizations.

According to this report, gay-rights activists are now deliberately seeking out religious agencies whom they know do not give children to gay couples, so they can file lawsuits!

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