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Dear Friends of Marriage,

The battle for marriage is heating up in New Jersey!

During four years with Jon Corzine as Governor, the New Jersey Legislature didn't touch same-sex marriage -- it was just too controversial. But now, with Governor Christie set to take office in just a few weeks, and the next election nearly two years away, gay marriage advocates are making a last ditch effort to force the issue during the lame duck transition session -- while voters are paying attention to things like Thanksgiving and Christmas plans, and trying to balance the family checkbook in the middle of an economic crisis that has left many families struggling to make ends meet.

But we're taking the issue right to New Jersey voters.

New Jerseyans deserve to know what their legislators are up to. And we've launched a $500,000 voter outreach campaign to make sure they know what's going on in Trenton. The campaign is highlighted by a new radio ad "Give me a break," (click here to listen), which began running on New Jersey radio stations yesterday and will continue for at least two weeks.

The new radio ad underscores that Governor Corzine had four years to push a same-sex marriage bill, and shouldn't be wasting the legislature's time now when there is a critical budget deficit and economic crisis to be attending to.  The ad will be supplemented with direct mail, telephone calls, and online advertising.

I hope you've taken a minute to listen to the New Jersey radio ad above (click here to listen). This is the type of hard-hitting ad that we've been able to bring to the marriage debate not only in New Jersey, but in every state where legislators have tried to push same-sex marriage. (Click here to see all of our TV and radio ads that have aired across the country.)

Thanks to your generosity, we've been the largest single contributors to the campaigns in California and Maine, and have been able to provide much-needed reinforcements to the state groups working on the ground in places like New York, New Jersey and elsewhere.

While funds for our New Jersey campaign have already been set aside, we need your help to replenish our emergency fund for the days ahead. We poured everything we had into Maine (and would do it again in an instant!) to assure victory there. The New Jersey funds we have were set aside weeks ago as we anticipated this desperate attempt to force SSM through during the lame duck session.

But in order for us to have the same kind of dramatic impact in 2010 that we've been able to have over the past year, we need your help today! Already, we know there will be continuing battles in New York and Washington, DC. next year.  Undoubtedly, there will be other urgent needs as well, as legislators look ahead to the 2010 elections.

Will you stand with us today? Your gift of $50, $100, or even $1000 or more if you have the ability, would make a powerful statement as we rebuild our emergency fund. [We know our opponents read these emails, too -- and sometime publish them on the web -- and they know we've poured everything we had into Maine and New Jersey.]

We can't afford to enter 2010 without a strong funding base. Our opponents press when and where they think we are the weakest. Thanks to your generosity, we've always had the resources to fight back.

I'm looking to identify 100 new monthly donors over the next two weeks. Whether it's $10 a month, or $100 a month, our monthly donors provide the sturdy foundation that allows us to extend ourselves in places like Maine and New Jersey when the need arises. Would you join our monthly donor team today? Click here to make your most generous donation today!

And for every dollar given, we make this solemn promise: We will do everything within our power to make it as effective as possible. We don't have the bloated infrastructure and overhead that many organizations do. Every dollar is focused on mission effectiveness.

California and Maine campaign manager Frank Schubert recently said: "I believe that NOM is the most effective national advocacy group in the nation. They are swift, nimble, completely mission focused and extremely effective."

That's our promise -- to be as swift, nimble, focused and effective as possible with every dollar.

Thank you for standing with us and enabling us to make an impact for marriage all across the nation. Will you stand with us again today?

Brian BrownFaithfully,
Brian S. Brown
Executive Director
National Organization for Marriage
20 Nassau Street, Suite 242
Princeton, NJ 08542
[email protected]
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