Chicago Tribune op-ed: "Gay marriage leads to cultural damages"


Laurie Higgins, Director of School Advocacy for the Illinois Family Institute, writes to the editors of the Chicago Tribune:

... most of the cultural damage [of the Chicago SSU bill] will not be seen for years to come. Any thinking person understands that cultural change rarely happens instantaneously. For example, Stanley Kurtz has documented the destructive impact same-sex marriage has had on heterosexual marriage in Scandinavia--changes that did not appear in a period of weeks or even months. The Tribune editorial board continues its assault on marriage without ever feeling the need to engage the fundamental and fundamentally flawed analogy upon which the entire homosexuality-affirming movement, including the effort to radically transform marriage, is built. The entire house of cards is built on a specious comparison of race to homosexuality, and yet, I cannot recall reading a single editorial defending with evidence the ways in which race and homosexuality are ontologically analogous or equivalent.

I also can't recall the Tribune editorial board wrestling intellectually with the fundamental question that Princeton Law Professor Robert George recently debated with homosexual journalist Kenji Yoshino, which is: What is marriage?