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Dear Friends of Marriage,

Thanks to all of you who made time yesterday to call and email your state senator! And a special thanks to those who gave up part of your day -- even late into the evening -- to come down to the Capitol to make a physical statement for marriage.

Same-sex marriage advocates are out in force, and we've got to keep the pressure on. If you haven't yet called your senator, please do it right now. And if it's at all possible for you to get to the Capitol again today -- even if just for a few minutes -- please do it!  (Go to the Senate lobby - directions here.)

The state Senate is back in session this morning after adjourning late yesterday with no resolution on the deficit reduction package (DRP). A final vote on the DRP is expected this morning, with the same-sex marriage bill reportedly to be taken up immediately thereafter.

While there are no guarantees in Albany, it looks very likely that we will have a vote on same-sex marriage in New York before the day is out.

Please make time this morning to send your state senator the message loud and clear: Don't Mess With Marriage!

Click here to look up your senator's phone number
Click here to send an email to your state senator
Click here for directions to the statehouse

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