Gay Press Admits: Illinois Civil Unions Bill May Drive Christian Charities From Foster Care


Kendall Marlowe, spokesman for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) admitted to the Windy City Times (Chicago's oldest gay newspaper) that, just as Cardinal George predicted, the new Illinois civil unions bill will probably help drive Christian adoption agencies out of the foster care business:

Marlowe [said] the passage of the state's civil-unions legislation—which officially becomes law on June 1—has further contributed to an already "very complex set of interrelated legal issues" concerning the faith-based agencies' denial of foster care licenses to same-sex couples. Private foster care agencies—many of whom are faith-based, the majority of whom do not bar same-sex couples—oversee some 80 percent of the state's foster children.

... The possible result of these conversations will likely come down to a choice for the agencies involved: Change their policy and allow for openly gay and lesbian people to be licensed as foster parents or lose state funding.