After the Johns, what next? State intervention in natural families


J. E. Dyer contributes to multiple blogs and she also writes a weekly column for Patheos. This from HotAir:

This interpretation of the law [in the case of the Johns] is idiotic on its face.  But it was handed down by the British High Court.  The next obvious step is ruling that parents must endorse homosexuality to their own children.

Think not?  This extended treatment of the court’s ruling shows that it contains every precept that would be necessary to intervene between parents and their natural children.

... I am 100% certain that when the Sexual Orientation Regulations were being debated early in the decade (they were implemented in 2003), opponents theorized that things just like this could happen – and advocates of the regulations swore that that was ridiculous: such ideas were the wild imaginings of fevered minds.  As always, the naysayers who warned of special-interest encroachment on individual liberty were correct.