Washington Blade Columnist: Go After Alston, Stukes, Jill Carter and Sam Arora


This cri de' coeur from the gay paper, the Washington Blade, undoubtedly expresses the views of many gay activists, after their devastating defeat in Maryland. Go after Alston, Stukes, Carter and Arora, he urges:

"...our allies sold us out. They are weak and afraid and driven by self-preservation. Lawmakers who campaigned on support for marriage equality and co-sponsored the bill pulled out and opposed it. The betrayals of Dels. Sam Arora (D-Montgomery County), Jill Carter (D-Baltimore), Tiffany Alston (D-Prince George’s) and Melvin Stukes (D-Baltimore) must not be forgotten. No LGBT money, votes or support for those backstabbing traitors." (source:

Wow. Carter and Arora ended up saying they would vote for gay marriage, but go after them anyway. And of the 4 delegates he targets, three are African-American.

We've been accused of playing the race card before. But what is the Washington Blade urging?