Shocked Reaction of Pro-SSM Advocates to MD Defeat: The Name Calling Begins


We've already talked about this theme today, but here are even more examples:

Ed Brayton at ScienceBlogs: "We certainly shouldn't be surprised that the "faith" of black churches is any different from the "faith" of white ones, often "telling" someone to do something that violates the rights of others. But you'd sure wish that black people, of all people, would have learned the lessons of history better than that."

Kevin Naff at the WashingtonBlade: "...lawmakers aren’t willing to take a stand and face down their ignorant (and often closeted) pastors. They run in fear of Fox News’s blowhards and NOM’s $1 million war chest. They are cowards and don’t deserve our support for re-election."

Jonathan Capehart at the Washington Post: "Y’all saw me open a vein on the treachery of Del. Sam Arora... And then there was that other spineless profile in courage, Del. Tiffany T. Alston."