Company which claimed SSM would be good for business in Indiana has 2,200 employees in 81% pro-marriage Tennessee


The Speak Up Movement blog, which protects and promotes the rights of churches, points out the hypocrisy implicit in the claims made by Cummings Inc (which Maggie talked about here) that SSM is necessary for a welcoming work environment:

Tennessee’s marriage amendment [which passed by 81% in 2006] carries some of the most powerful language protecting marriage of all the 30 states that have passed amendments (by an average vote of about 68%, BTW). More powerful than that being considered in Indiana.

So why now would Cummins, which boasts of its “top rating” by the radical Human Rights Campaign, publicly gnash its teeth over a proposed marriage amendment in one state after just months ago heralding their expansion into a state that already had a powerful amendment in place?

Maybe because in reality Cummins knows it’s not bad for business to set up shop in states that still understand the value of marriage…but it DOES have its HRC overlords to publicly appease.

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