Dr. Jeff Mirus on "Gay Marriage and the Glories of the World"


Jeff Mirus, president of Catholic Culture, writes about who is changing their mind on gay marriage, and why:

... once you ask whether a Catholic attends church weekly or more, the numbers shift radically, with nearly 70% opposed to gay marriage and holding.

One of our supporters wrote in to point out how interesting it would be to break the responses down in terms of specific marriage and children issues: Are you currently married? Do you have a sexual partner who is not your spouse? Do you have children? Have you ever been divorced? I would add, Do you contracept? These questions are extremely pertinent, and the answers might well reveal what my correspondent supposed, that “those who are married, especially with children, are strongly against gay marriage.” His point is a good one: To oppose gay marriage, you must first have some understanding of what marriage is.

Have I hinted that the growth of support for gay marriage over the past few years tells us more about the tendency of people to espouse fashionable ideas than about any significant moral shift? It might almost be said that taking significant moral positions, at least from the point of view of one’s own interior life, depends precisely on the ability to resist the temptation to be fashionable...