Audio: NEA Educator wants to force kids into radical sex ed programs


In the "safe environment" provided by the United Nations, an NEA representative (the largest teacher's union in the U.S.) spoke frankly about her real plans for our kids.

Austin Ruse and his organization C-FAM  -- which performs pro-family advocacy at the United Nations -- is to be commended for bringing these goals out into the open:

The U.N. just concluded a two-week feminist jamboree — the Commission on the Status of Women, which is an intergovernmental body that negotiates documents later approved by the General Assembly. The CSW attracts scores of radical feminists — including this time a woman named Diane Schneider, representing the National Education Association.

At a CSW panel discussion, Schneider said that “oral sex, masturbation, and orgasms need to be taught in education.” She also said students should not be able to “opt out” of such classes, meaning they should be forced to learn about orgasms against their parents’ wishes. She also spoke out against “transphobia,” “heterosexism,” and “gender conformity.” (National Review)

Once C-FAM began to get the word out, the U.N. removed Schneider's talk from their website, but not before some of our friends made a copy. Listen for yourself:

Some notable excerpts from her remarks:

Schneider complains that "Many schools offer parents the opportunity to have their child opt out of sex education and still receive full health credit for their class."

"How can we teach sex education without including terms such as orgasm, oral sex and masturbation?"

"We must teach our children at a very young age that the male, female and intersex comes with the presence of genitalia and no further expectation. That one needs to grow up and be their authentic self, free of society’s gender expectations..."

Is this the sort of thing you want your children taught? Do you agree with Schneider that children should be forced to undergo this sort of sex ed indoctrination?