San Francisco Attorney Says Catholics/Baptists Unwelcome


Marriage Watch / Maggie Gallagher

San Francisco Attorney Theresa Stewart examined gay historian and Yale Prof. George Chauncey on religious groups's vviews on marriage.  The unseemly suggestion is that it is perfectly valid for voters to base their views on reading Prof. Chauncey's books, but that the great historic faith traditions views on sex and marriage somehow represent illegitimate hatred and bigotry.  Is this really where gay marriage advocates wnat to go?  Validating every religious persons fears about what gay marriage means for religious freedom? 

(This is a pro-gay marriage liveblog of the testimony, here:

Maybe this is a good argument in court.  San Francisco by the way is a government that passed an extraordinary resolution condeming the Catholic Church and urging church people to defy their leaders. (  I cannot think of a more direct attempt by the state to impose on the church than to have a government body tell religious people to defy their faith.  This is what tolerance looks like, these days.