British Parents Object to Graphic Sex Ed for Grade Schoolers in Name of Tolerance


From the Christian Institute:

Sex education resources should be licensed to ensure they are age-appropriate, an MP has said, following concern among parents about “inappropriate” materials.

Andrea Leadsom’s comments come in the same month that a report ("Too Much, Too Young") by The Christian Institute highlighted shocking resources being pushed by public bodies for use in schools.

One such resource encourages primary school pupils to learn about anal intercourse, oral sex and prostitution.

These are the books:

  • Cole, B, Mummy Laid An Egg, Red Fox, 1995 edition
  • Manning, M and Granström, B, How Did I Begin?, Franklin Watts, 2004 edition
  • Mayle, P, Where Did I Come From?, Macmillan, 2006 edition
  • Cohen, J, The Primary School Sex and Relationships Education Pack, HIT UK, 2005
  • de Meza, L M and De Silva, S, Whiteboard Active Sex and Relationship Education, BBC Active, 2010 edition
  • Ramsay, I, Focus: Growing Up (Sex Education), BBC Active, 2009 edition
  • Harris, R H, Let’s Talk About Where Babies Come From, Walker Books, 2004 edition
  • Harris, R H, Let’s Talk About Sex, Walker Books, 1995 edition,
  • Bennett, J and Fenlon, K, All About Us: Living and Growing Unit 1 Resource Book, Channel 4 Learning, 2005
  • All About Us: Living and Growing, Channel 4 Learning, 2006 edition
  • Frith, A, What’s Happening To Me? (Boys), Usborne, 2006
  • Meredith, S, What’s Happening To Me? (Girls), Usborne, 2006