Mental Health Counselor Amazed at Lack of Concern for Donor-Conceived Children's Rights


From the Anonymous Us story collective:

I am a mental health professional specializing in working with infertility patients. I am also an adoptive mother. Part of what I do at work is prepare people for the implications of using a donor. The most challenging topic we discuss is the issue of whether the couple will tell their child how s/he were conceived.

I am amazed at the number of clinics, physicians, and agencies that really do not give even one second of thought to the needs of the children that are being conceived via "third party reproduction." As a nation, we need to get a conscience about what we are doing here. Yes, it's nice when an infertile couple is able to build a family, but what about the children? Shouldn't their needs be in the mix from the very beginning too? I think it is ridiculous that a donor-conceived child would need to "research" to find out their genetic origins. Give me a break. What if you had to do that? Is it fair?

... We need to change this situation. It's not fair to donors, intended parents, and especially to donor-conceived children.