ACT NOW to Protect Christian Adoption Agencies From Virginia Government – DEADLINE TONIGHT!


Driving religious foster care and adoption agencies out of business appears to be the purpose of new regulations proposed by the Virginia Department of Social Services.

Proposed Virginia Administrative Code section 22 VAC 40-131-170 provides that:

"[Private adoption agencies] shall prohibit acts of discrimination based on . . . sexual orientation, disability or family status to:

1. Delay or deny a child's placement; or
2. Deny an individual the opportunity to apply to become a foster or adoptive parent."


Please take action immediately! Public comment on this dangerous new regulation closes at midnight tonight. Click here to register your comment today!

Take Action

Here's the message the DSS officials proposing this regulation need to hear:

Don't hurt needy children by driving religious foster care and adoption agencies out of business. If an agency provides good parents for children, they should be embraced, not rejected by the state of Virginia.

The message of exclusion you will send to children with strong religious identities, as well as to potential foster and adoptive parents is unconscionable and destructive.

The state of Virginia Social Services has no right to impose this strange new morality on other people, to the detriment of the neediest children in our state.

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