In wake of CU defeat in CO, gay activists claim lawmaker has "blood of suicidal gays ... on her hands"


The Denver Post reports on a reprehensible move some frustrated gay activists took after last week's close defeat of a civil unions bill in Colorado:

A faux Facebook page rips Rep. B.J. Nikkel over her “no” vote against civil unions, saying the blood of suicidal gays is on her hands.

...The page purports to be from “Bj Nikkel Coward,” but then goes on to attack the Loveland Republican.

“On March 31st, you committed one of the greatest acts of cowardice that I’ve witnessed. You alone killed the civil unions bill … ,” an essay on the page states.

Thankfully, some who supported the bill have criticized the decision to create this mocking Facebook page in the wake of its defeat:

Republican Alexander Hornaday, who is gay and who testified in favor of the bill, was critical of the Facebook posting.

“The kind of overwrought and hysterical rhetoric from that Facebook page not only doesn’t advance the cause of gay equality, it actually retards it by needlessly antagonizing the very people we need to persuade,” he said in e-mail.

Nikkel, for her part, is standing strong:

Nikkel said she also hasn’t seen the Facebook page, but she learned a long time not to take to heart critical things written about her. She said she’s also gotten “hateful” phone calls but that an overwhelming number of people — 50 to 1 — support her “no” vote.

The Catholic Archbishop of Denver Charles J. Chaput meanwhile is urging people to thank their lawmakers:

In the face of unfriendly media coverage and heavy political pressure, opponents of the legislation did the right thing. They challenged and tabled the bill, killing it for this session. That sounds like a small act, but it took courage, especially in an environment of bitter criticism. The committee members who opposed the bill deserve our gratitude and support.