Gov. McDonnell opposes VA adoption regulations that threaten religious liberty


We're happy to see VA Governor Bob McDonnell's position on this controversial new policy (and thank you again to the hundreds of you who responded to our action alert on this last Friday!):

Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) told reporters at a Tuesday news conference that he opposes proposed regulations developed by his Democratic predecessor that would for the first time allow gay couples to adopt children in Virginia.

“I know I had said during the campaign that I would essentially keep our adoption laws -- which I think are good -- the way they are now,’’ McDonnell said. “I think the current regulations that are in place seem to be working well.”

The proposal, according to the governor’s office, would mandate that gay singles and unmarried couples be able to access faith-based groups, such as Catholic Charities and Jewish Family Services, to adopt children. (WaPo VA Politics blog)

The story also notes that the proposed policy change was introduced by former Governor Tim Kaine less than two months before he left office.

Here's the timeline for accepting or rejecting the proposed changes:

McDonnell has until April 16 to make a recommendation to the State Board of Social Services, a nine-member panel of which all but four members are holdovers from Kaine.

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