Update: Judge keeps SSM solicitors 30 feet from Target entrances


Target actually won some concessions in this week's ruling in their ongoing case against Canvas for a Cause:

A San Diego Superior Court judge ruled Thursday that local same-sex marriage advocates must remain 30 feet from the entrances of all Target stores in California and that they may only approach shoppers one entrance at a time.

Minneapolis-based Target had wanted a preliminary injunction to stop the canvassing altogether in areas it owned and controlled statewide.

The massive retailer sought its injunction in court on March 25 following a March 1 incident at a Poway Target between a shopper and a persistent activist from the Hillcrest-based Canvass for a Cause.

The organization formed 18 months ago to lobby for same-sex marriage nationwide. Its volunteers fan out in two- or four-person teams daily to talk to same-sex marriage supporters and detractors, and to gather signatures for their cause. (San Diego Union Tribune)