Newsbusters notes WaPo's biased reporting of Maryland marriage victory


Tim Graham of Newsbusters (which aims to expose and combat liberal media bias):

On February 24, Washington Post reporter John Wagner sympathetically covered leading Maryland Democrats (and Catholics) for crossing their hierarchy to lobby for "gay marriage" -- without seeming to contact this hierarchy. So when Wagner sympathetically profiled House Speaker Michael Busch -- again -- at the top of the April 11 Style section, the primary question was: How was this "news," a full month after the gay lobby failed to pass it?

... Wouldn't it make more sense to take the occasion of the gay-marriage bill failing to cover the winning side, even just to gauge how that result occurred?

... Post readers are supposed to be thrilled by Wagner's recounting of how Busch converted -- in effect, how he left Catholic church teaching in the dust and embraced hard-left identity politics. The Catholic hierarchy is a distant villain, never to be contacted.