Delaware Lets Boyfriends and Girlfriends Sue for Rights to Your Child


So a lesbian mom adopts a child in Kazakhstan. Her girlfriend says she intended to file for a joint adoption in Delaware but no papers were filed before they broke up. Delaware's high court rules the adopted mom's the mom, end of story. The Delaware legislature passes a law to give girlfriends and boyfriends potential "defacto parenthood" status.

This particular case is a same-sex couple, but it could easily have been an opposite sex couple:. The lesbian mom who adopted a child and doesn't want to subdivide her parental rights with her ex-girlfriend puts it this way:

"Parental rights have been dismantled," Smith said. "It will take a few years for people to realize what it means, but parents don't have the right to care and custody of their children any more. Another individual now has the right to sue you for rights to your children. It's downright scary."

Wait until abusive boyfriends discover this threat to hold over their girlfriend's heads.