The Mystery of the Missing Tim Gill Quote on Fox News (cont.)


Kevin Jones writes in a community blog for The Denver Post:

The death of a proposed civil unions bill in the Colorado House of Representatives' Judiciary Committee deeply angered Tim Gill, the multi-millionaire gay activist whose smartly targeted campaign spending has helped re-shape Colorado politics.

Gill's lawyer Ted Trimpa said Gill will now be spending millions more to defeat Republicans across the state, starting with GOP members of the statehouse, Fox 31 News reports.

"It might be a difference of, before, spending $200,000 [on 2012 House races], and now spending $2 million," Trimpa said.

Or at least, that's what he said before Fox 31 edited the story to remove the quote.

The National Organization for Marriage blog caught the edit.

... An inquiry about the edit sent to Fox 31 and Mr. Stokols received no reply.

... When an obsessed multi-millionaire aims to change the political landscape and rewrite the social constitution of our state, his activities deserve more media scrutiny, not less. Fox 31's edit suggests the news media is telling us less than we deserve to know.