Santorum Makes Headway?


A communication from a good friend who LOVES Rick Santorum:

Thought you might be interested to see how Senator Rick Santorum is making headway in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

New Hampshire:

  • Rick Santorum has been to NH 14 times. More than any other candidate. He just won a NH Tea Party Straw Poll with 26%.
  • He is putting together a broad spectrum coalition of supporters that include social conservative, tea party members, old guard conservatives, fiscal conservatives, second amendment supporters and establishment party folks.

South Carolina:

  • RJS has been to SC 15 times. More than any other candidate.
  • The Senator just won the largest SC straw poll (Greenville County), April 9th. Rick appeared with Gingrich and Barbour at the straw poll and defeated them both. Rick defeated Gingrich 31%  14% and Barbour 31% - 5% of the vote. The Greenville Straw poll was won by Huckabee in 2008.
  • Santorum finished 3rd in the Charleston County straw poll a week later (4/15). Rick did not appear at the Charleston Convention and managed a strong 3rd place finish. Barbour, who appeared at the convention won the straw poll with Romney finishing 2nd (1% higher than Rick). Romney finished 2nd in Charleston in the 2008 primary. Especially strong finish as Charleston is a fiscal conservative town where social conservatives typically do not fare well.
  • Rick finished 2nd in the Dorchester County straw poll on 4/16. Impressive showing for the Senator since he hasn’t visited Dorchester County since May 2010 with Gresham Barrett (Dorchester went heavy for Nikki Haley).
  • Compared to Haley, Newt, and Bachman, Rick has spent 1/10th the resources in SC and still has managed to win and run strong in the heavy GOP counties like Greenville, Aiken, Horry, Charleston and Dorchester.


  • Senator Santorum has been to Iowa eleven times since late 2009 and will be returning again on Monday, April 25.
  • "Former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) announced today that Cody Brown, former campaign manager for Ben Lange's congressional run (IA-1) will manage Senator Santorum's testing the waters effort in Iowa. Cody will be joined by Lucas Draisey, former Chairman of the Iowa Federation of College Republicans, who will serve in a field director role. Cody and Lucas will join consultants Nick Ryan and Jill Latham of the Des Moines, IA-based Concordia Group LLC who have served as advisors to Senator Santorum for the past several months."